A Christmas gift you won’t forget

golden Christmas giftBut, so soon and are we already talking about Christmas? Well yes, yes, it’s time. And also you know.

Autumn is always short. September has enough emotions and news to pass in a sigh, and before you know it, the cold, the early night, the ads with bells on television, and one more year, time is on us . So everything is in a hurry, and let’s see what I give her, and see what I can think of …

I want to make you a different proposal. I want to invite you to take it easy, and think about that person, so that you can make the perfect gift.

Knowing is loving

Infatuation is beautiful and inspires the best verses, but it is volatile. Only when you meet that person does that infatuation transform into love.

And that is life: you live with someone and you know him thoroughly. This is how you love. With hobbies, flaws and passions, and all those little contradictions that make us unique.

That the person you love knows you, even better than yourself, is the best token of love they can give you.

So give that person some thought. Take even a pencil and paper, put his name above, and think of him, or her. Think about his passions, his fixations, and what he likes the most, or means the most.

You don’t have to run – just think about it, take some notes.

Did you know that all that you have written down you can transform into a unique and exclusive jewel for that person?

Show him your love with an irreplaceable jewel

What I propose to you for this Christmas is that we create together, you and I, a special jewel for your loved one, starting from scratch.

It’s not crazy, believe me. You just have to listen to some of the customer testimonials that they leave us after each order from personalized jewelery.

It is a process in which:

  • You explain to me what you want (a ring, a pendant, some cufflinks, a keychain), and you tell me about that person.


  • I help you with my experience, suggestions, or solving any questions you may have.
  • With what we talk, I will begin to design the jewel that you dreamed of, and that has to reach the heart of that person.
  • We will live the whole process together. I will show you the progress, even videos with 3D modeling, so that you do not miss anything and enjoy the act of creation that we will be sharing.
  • We will work on the design until it is just what you were looking for.
  • And only then, when you are convinced, will we manufacture the physical jewel.
  • Once it is ready, we will send it to the address of your choice, in an elegant and beautiful gift box.

Then you only have to receive it, hide it, and arrive calmly at Christmas time with the perfect gift already in a safe place.

And then it is to deliver it, see the smile, know that you got it right. But here my part will be over, and that story will be just for you.

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