Disposable Jewels, a new “jewelery concept”

For quite some time I have been observing that jewelry is sold in any trade or establishment. But especially in the establishments of Chinese products. And in this new concept of Wearable Jewelry, they are the pioneers and specialists.

Chinese shop

The truth is that the feeling one gets when entering one of these shops for the first time is very sad. And obviously, I go to the disposable jewelry section and then I see the spectacular collection of jewelry that is displayed there and exhibited for sale.

Throw-away Jewelry

Bracelets of all kinds, earrings, rings, etc. And the curious thing about it is that on some articles you find the typical stickers that have “sterling silver” written on them that can be bought in Cordoba, in any jewelry box and packaging store, even in many stationery stores.

Of course, the prices of these disposable jewels are quite striking,  $2,  $4, and up to $6 depending on the category of the jewel, imagine.

The problems come later, there are more and more people with skin problems. In Asian countries where these types of products are manufactured, there are not enough controls to guarantee the quality of these disposable jewelry.

The metals used for this type of jewelry contain nickel, cobalt, cadmium and antimony in many cases. Nickel and cobalt can cause allergy problems, while cadmium and antimony are extremely toxic. This type of metals in Europe are prohibited for the manufacture of jewelry, however in Asia there are no such controls or laws that regulate such matters, and with this we have the invasion of these so-called “jewelry” and as a result of the misinformation that exists to in this regard, skin allergy problems.

skin allergy

The funny thing is that these problems can vary depending on the sweating capacity of the person who uses it. And what’s more, in some cases the toxic effect of these metals occurs when there is contact with sweat that acts as an enhancer.

However, I will tell you a trick that I recommend to friends who wear this type of jewelry. It is to cover with colorless nail polish the surfaces that have direct contact with the skin. For example, the interiors of the rings, and the sticks of the earrings or earrings, which are the parts that come in contact with our skin. In this way you will protect yourself against possible health problems.

In any case, I advise you to be very careful when buying Disposable Jewelry, but my recommendation is that you buy jewelry in trusted sites, where they can offer you sufficient guarantees of quality controls and comply with current regulations.

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