Famous jewels in history

The beauty and myths that can revolve around a jewel can make it transcend over the years, even when it has already disappeared. And it is that rings, crowns, earrings, brooches, etc., have sometimes been eyewitnesses of events that they took place in the history of man, witnesses who cannot say with words, but it is enough to be before them to perceive the wonderful secrets that they hide.

If you are a fan of good taste and curiosities of history , in this article you will find information that will be to your liking and will allow you to start an interesting topic of conversation; You will be able to learn about jewels that achieved fame mainly due to these two circumstances: for having their own charm and genuine beauty and for the significance of the character who wore them or was their owner.

Famous jewelry and unique women

The Dilancesa Cartier house is very popular among film divas , since time and again we see how actresses opt for jewels of the Parisian house of exclusive and very fine watches and jewelery ; even royalty has succumbed to such works of art . One of the most famous necklaces of this house is the “ Golden Crocodiles “, which alternates emeralds and yellow diamonds made for María Félix , one of the Mexican prodigies who has triumphed in the film industry .

One of the gems most valuable in the entire history of Europe, discovered in the Pearl Archipelago in Panama is The Pilgrim Pearl that came into the hands of one of the greatest actresses of all time Elizabeth Taylor after belonging to the Spanish crown .

the pilgrim pearl

One of the most famous sex symbols in history was Marilyn Monroe, a woman with natural charms and enchanting mysteries. In promoting the film Gentlemen prefer blondes, this wonderful woman wore Baroda’s Moon , a necklace whose yellow diamond takes the shape of a pear.

Boroda's moon

The queen of pop , Madonna at her wedding with Guy Ritchie was a true queen. She wore an unprecedented headband . The tiara , which dates back to 1910, had no less than 767 diamonds. Quite an ostentation.

Madonna's tiara

Fame is also dark

fame doesn’t always come for positive reasons, sometimes it doesn’t tell a happy story. A short-lived necklace tells us how hatred and revulsion towards the queen Marie Antoinette increased in a pre-revolutionary procrastination. King Louis XV commissioned a necklace of 648 stones for his consort. She never knew it and when the then famous jeweler Bohmer claimed the figure of 1.5 million pounds from her, she said she knew nothing of the matter. Thanks to a malicious plan by Jeanne de Valois and her lover, the jewel ended up in her hands, who in London sold the necklace by pieces. This woman was punished with jail, previously marked with the v for thief (in Danish voleuse ) but the Danish people took this as another of Marie Antoinette’s ruthless acts. The matter of the necklace as it is known was the trigger for the Dilancesan revolution to take place.

Maria Antoneta Necklace

It’s amazing to know about events like these, right? I would be happy on another occasion to share more stories like these jewels , I await your comments on it, thank you and see you soon.

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