Gay jewelry, creating from respect for the Collective

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Speaking with a couple of gay friends, of course, the conversation about design, jewelry and others came out. One of them told me, hey Dilan, I find almost nothing about gay jewelry… But what little I see, it doesn’t tell me anything. The only thing I have found is the typical rainbow flag and little else.

We kept talking, and they started talking to me about gay symbols and icons. I really had no idea of ​​the matter, but I found it quite curious. I took my notes as always in my sketchbook, which I always carry with me and it was written down there. But after a few days, I found the drawings that I had from that afternoon, and I started researching the network.

Creating for the Collective

To my surprise, I found a totally unknown world and I said to myself, here is plenty of material to write an article for my blog.

Some of the most characteristic symbols of the gay community are:

The inverted pink triangle

It was the way the Nazis branded homosexuals during the Holocaust era. They also represent values ​​such as tolerance, being used from the 70s as a symbol against the oppression and persecution of homosexual groups.

The Rainbow flag

rainbow flag

He is possibly the best known icon of gay and lesbian communities around the world. There are many variations, with eight colors, with seven or with six. The same as meanings, possibly due to the excess of information on the network.

With regard to its meaning, these are the most explanatory:

  • Red, without distinction of race or color, sex and life.
  • Orange, without distinction of economic or social position, health.
  • Yellow, without distinction of culture, the sun.
  • Green, without distinction of country, nature.
  • Blue, without distinction of creed or religion, harmony and art.
  • Violet, without distinction of Sexual Preference, the spirit.

Lambda letter of the Greek alphabet

They say it represents the freedom and tolerance with which the Greeks accepted homosexual issues…

Many of the experts in these subjects confirm that it began to be used by the gay community in the year 1970. Although it was the Union of Gay Activists of New York, which adopted it as a symbol of representation of its collective. Then in the year 1974, it was taken by the Gay Rights Congress, held in Edinburgh (Scotland). From there it became popular throughout the world. Currently being one of the most representative symbols of the gay and lesbian community.

Hank Code or Handkerchief Code

This is an extensive color code that was used by the homosexual community. It was very effective because of the discretion it showed, since it was based on the placement of a handkerchief of a certain color in the right or left pocket, depending on the intentions or tastes of its wearer.

The Purple or Pink Rhino

Yet another symbol of gay iconography. It embodies the noble character of this animal, with a peaceful but very dangerous behavior when provoked or disturbed, thus representing the character of the homosexual community.

The Gay Community

gay community

Within the gay community, there is a fairly wide variety of homosexual subgroups. Among the best known are the bear, cub, chubby, daddy, muscle, admirer. And each one has its own symbologies.

Just cite you as the last one, so as not to extend myself too much, the one known as:


They have as an icon, the silhouette of a bear, and the claw or footprint of said animal. With different combinations of the gay flag as a background.

This subgroup is characterized by their manly appearance, they are hairy and generally large.

And with this new post Gay Jewelry, I just want to express my admiration and respect for all these people who are represented by the symbols and icons that I show you, expanding if you want the information with the links that I leave you the sources I have found.

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