Heraldry on keychains, the story of a race

keychains are small, very useful objects that help us keep our lives organized and under control. Keys are generally small and therefore easy to lose, but by adding a key ring to them, the risk of loss is greatly reduced.


Among the many hobbies that exist in the world, one of the most common is the collection of key rings; people create their own categories that allow targeting them to a specific group: special keychains, rare keychains, fancy keychains, etc.

In many countries there are specialized stores, where tourists and visitors can find typical objects of the country or objects with some detail or motif that identifies a culture or nation. keychains are widely used around the world and can reflect the ingenuity of those who make them. In Cuba, for example, it is customary to incorporate beach snails or small crabs embedded in acrylic that reveal the tropical and warm life of the island.

These accompany the keys, which from a more sensitive perspective, we can think of as the bridge that allows us to access our home, where we live that edge that is the right and need of every human being and that It is none other than the development of our individuality and intimacy and sharing with our family.

Heraldry and keychains

The Middle Ages conditioned the emergence of heraldry as a necessary means to identify knights who in battles and tournaments were covered by armor and helmets and it was impossible to recognize them, therefore they themselves adopted as a solution to paint distinctive figures on their shields.

Heraldry is the science of the blazon, which is in turn the language by which the armories. Its object is then, the study of appropriate rules and regulations for the use, composition and explanation of coats of arms or coats of arms , who for centuries have had as a maxim, the identification of people, lineages, territories, among others.

man with a shield

Currently historical heraldry has been understood as an auxiliary science of History, because based on documents, objects or armed goods it makes us know the life and trajectory of a certain individual.

Heraldry has an artistic perspective, where the inspiration of the artist is, of course, the desire to create a piece that, in addition to having beauty and own charisma must represent a specific person or their caste. Although within the pre-established canons relating to colors, symmetry, objects on the arms and the shield; they have to consider the requests of their customers.

JSecrets Design at the forefront

The shield design can be made taking into account the etymological origin of the name or surname of the recipient, or free imagination. This will be a badge that will last over the years and that not only represents those of us who are present, but also future generations.

These shields can personalize each of our objects, and they will always tell the world who we are and where we belong. Our Jewelry Consultancy has chosen to impregnate in exclusive and valuable jewelry at your request, the emblem of your family.

The heraldic keychains made of precious metals such as silver, by incorporating the shield of their family, are a true luxury . It is a unique piece that tells us how proud you are of your ancestors, or indicates the will you have to create, socially, an emblem of reference and identification for your descendants. These personalized keychains are capable of telling the story of a lineage.

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