How wedding bands speak of love

A circle on your finger

Today we are talking about weddings, but above all I want to talk to you about a symbol. It is one of the most elemental symbols of nature, but its perfection is such that it survives to this day as a symbol of things as important as infinity … or love. Today we speak, in the form, of wedding bands. But deep down we speak of symbols that unite us.

two golden wedding bands in the sand

How wedding bands speak of the love you feel

There was a time when humans began to recognize each other, and to have the capacity for abstract thinking. Maybe it was that el exact moment we become human. And since that distant moment, humans have used symbols to tell us things, or to refer to them. Even to think about them, if we considered them important enough.

But before inventing our own symbols, and with them finally writing, we had to look for them in nature itself:

  • The triangle
  • The square
  • The spiral

They were simplifications of the fractal forms of nature. Reductions.

But then there was the circle, which didn’t need to be shortened.

The circle simply is, or it is not. The Sun looks like a circle (even if it is a sphere). Moon. The concentric waves of a lake when throwing a stone.

The circle is infinite . We are used to symbolizing infinity with also called Lemniscata, but the circle is its primary version: it has no beginning nor does it have an end.

The adoration for the symbol of the circle that our ancestors had is understandable, then: from the cult of the Sun to the Ouroboros Greek, or to Jörmundgandr.

It is a symbol that represents something relevant, something deep and valuable, essential.

And what is more profound, valuable and essential than love?

History of a wedding band

silver wedding bands

As it happened, in addition to being a symbol, the circle was also the perfect shape to make something that you had to put on your finger. Like a jewel.

That is why since Ancient Egypt rings are used as an exchange in the links. We could have given each other wedding pendants, right? With a circular shape they would still have the same meaning, but a necklace is more easily lost, and love cannot be easily let go.

We could have exchanged wedding earrings with the same symbol, but the lobe is not a good place to symbolize a love so deep that you are committed to marriage. Love does not whisper in the ear, it strikes hearts.

The ring is as perfect as the circle it is. That is why wedding bands are the perfect symbol of the love you feel for each other. A symbol of that limitless love that you always carry with you, that will be part of you. In the ring finger, which according to tradition hid a vein directly connected to the heart. Today we know that this is not the case, but isn’t it still another wonderful symbol for love?

And believe me, you don’t have to ask a wedding band for anything more than these two things:

  • Make them comfortable (so they can become part of you).
  • Let them symbolize your love.

Because the circle of the ring symbolizes love, but what makes that love exclusively yours (and not that of the couple next door) is the particular symbol that you give it.

There are no more rules. You don’t have to stick to any metal. During the Roman Empire, gold was reserved for emperors, and little else. The rest of the people loved with the same or greater intensity, and exchanged iron alliances in marriages. It was his metal, it was his symbol.

Today you can make your alliances as you want. Following classic ideas and designs, or looking for original wedding bands, even creating them yourself in a personalized way.

What matters, in the end, is that these alliances will be the symbol that you give yourselves to symbolize a love without fissures, or end. A symbol only yours.

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