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There are many sources of inspiration that a contemporary jewelery designer has today for the creation of his jewels. Although I would like to define this Design Concept of Contemporary Jewelry.

Contemporary Art is everything that is done from approximately 1800 (late 18th century and early 19th century) to the present day, and this period is known as the Contemporary Age. Where the foundations of today’s society are laid, economically, politically and naturally in Art. It is a time of great social upheaval, and movements known as Romanticism arise, passing through Impressionism and ending the 19th century with Symbolism.

The 20th century began with even more dynamism with the Avant-garde until the middle of the century. In this period, movements such as Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, etc., etc., up to Constructivism, stand out. In the second half of the 20th century, another series of artistic movements arose that occurred chronologically, they are known by the name of Latest Trends, and they begin with Informalism, Por Art, etc., and end with Conceptual Art and Postmodern Art, and from there a series of trends are derived, until reaching everything that is created today.

Signature Jewelery in Contemporary Jewelery design

With this very brief historical sketch, Contemporary Jewelry is any jewel that is created at the moment. Now, in my opinion there would be at least to differentiate since both coexist and are currently created: the commercial jewelry and the Author Jewelry; the latter could be defined as the art of creating jewelry with a concept, with a purpose and with a story. Without forgetting aspects as important as the compositional and aesthetic and of course the ergonomic. Where the artist develops a creative and research path around an idea or theme. The Jewel acts as a means of expression and the Jewelery acquires a new character, the Intellectual. But without losing his own, that of Jewel.

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The creator reflects in his work, his ideas and points of view of a phenomenon, of the reality that surrounds him; The jewelry designer projects into each of the jewelry he creates, his thinking, his experiences, what each of his sources of inspiration gives him.

Sources of inspiration for current jewelry

One of the main characteristics of contemporary art (within which we circumscribe the Author jewelry) is the freedom of creation and the new formats available to the artist. Where creative activity combines intellect, manual work and technology.

The social, economic and personal independence that today’s woman has shown inspires us to create jewelry collections dedicated entirely to her, jewelry with personality, that makes you feel more secure, and that definitely helps you achieve each of the goals you set for yourself.

As we have said, the imagination of a jewelry designer flies in the present, further than ever. From each daily event, from the shapes and colors found in nature, ideas are taken for the creation of jewels where originality and exclusivity prevail.

Without further ado, I say goodbye not without first inviting you to share your comments. Greetings and see you soon!

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