Jewelery and costume jewelery: a necessary differentiation

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The body adornments respond to cultural, religious and spiritual patterns. From previous decades, people used them for various reasons: for pure fashion, to identify with a social sector or a subculture, as a means of protest, etc. Among the best known body adornments are jewelry; There is a gender-species relationship between body accessories and jewelry.

But jewelry is not the only body adornment that exists, there are also accessories known as costume jewelery. I feel that it is now extremely necessary to distinguish concepts that are sometimes confused by people who are generally outside the universe of jewelry. The purpose of the article is to demonstrate that there is no synonymy between jewelry and costume jewelery.


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Among the main differences that exist between jewelry and costume jewelery we find the following:

  • Noble metals are used to make a jewel, such as gold, platinum disuse) or silver in many cases with rhodium-plated finishes; while the costume jewelery is made with non-precious metals such as steel, brass or those also known as “low fusion” such as zamac and pewter among others. In the same way, precious stones are used to make jewelery and imitation stones of little value are used for jewelery.
  • Jewelry usually offers exclusive pieces, that is, the design of a jewel will be unique in that jewel (since the originality, uniqueness, exclusivity of a jewel design are factors that give the piece a greater value, and not only economic, but also artistic). On the other hand, the pieces that can be considered as jewelery are produced in mass, therefore, you can find them in different markets at the same time.
  • The jewels have a longer period of life, they are therefore more expensive, since the materials used in their clothing make that possible. Jewelry ornaments have a limited shelf life, as they tend to blacken quickly and in many cases they can cause allergies or skin irritations.
  • The jewels have a designation of origin, the jewelery does not. That is, silver and gold jewelry are engraved with the law, which is nothing more than the purity of the metal, which does not happen with costume jewelery, since they are not made of noble metals like these, they cannot be engraved.

Jewelry design: an overlooked value in costume jewelery

As previously noted, the design adds value to the jewel. The perfection and majesty that the jewelry designer looks for when giving life to a piece, can scarcely be seen in the costume jewelery. The latter tends to copy the designs achieved by jewelry designers.

However, there is a sector of the industry that can be called fine jewelery , as it uses the well known Gold-Filled (also known as laminated gold or low-grade gold) and the finish of the pieces is much more punctual and well thought out than in common costume jewelery.

I would like you to understand the great difference between jewelry and costume jewelery with this article. I would then like to receive your comments online. Greetings and see you soon.

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