Jewelry design and costume design: two sides of the same coin

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Since ancient times one of the main functions of jewelry is to complement clothing, whether female or male. Costume design has found an ally in jewelry design, in such a way that haute couture designers complement with luxury jewelry each one of his dress designs, both from the spring-summer collections and those from autumn-winter.

The close link between jewelry and haute couture requires today’s jewelry designer to listen to the dictates of fashion in as for clothing, bags, footwear and all those fashion accessories that are intended to build the aesthetics of each man and woman.

We well know that wearing jewelry is a way of expressing externally and without words who you are, what is your style, your personality, and without any room for you. It is one more piece that makes up your physical appearance, which is a key factor in the success of your interpersonal and professional relationships. For the jewels to look spectacular and really know how to highlight your natural attributes, you must combine them correctly with the appropriate clothing, taking into account its characteristics.

Tips for properly combining jewelry and clothing

It is very important that when combining a jewel and a piece of clothing you do so according to the type of fabric, the shape of the garment, to the design of this, as well as to the colors or patterns. In order for you to do it correctly, here are a series of tips, follow them, and become a fashion icon.

  • Woolen garments or chunky stitches. These pieces look great with jewels of great relief, especially with designer rings of significant volumes, or with XL pendants. This type of clothing combines perfectly with brooches or brooches, that is why sometimes celebrities when wearing these pieces of clothing resort to use of a brooch, being very popular among socialites the moretti by Nardi.

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  • Round neck garments. With this type of cut that you can find in blouses or dresses it is not recommended to wear very large necklaces, nor too tight to the neck, since it does not have a positive aesthetic effect and they make your neck look shorter.
  • Blouses or dresses with pronounced necklines. If you really want to highlight your neckline, it is best to use pendants closer to the neck, this will undoubtedly make you see more stylized and of course, very sexy.
  • Sober garments in texture and color. Garments in sober colors such as black or coffee give you a wide range of possibilities. time to wear a jewel, either because you can use jewels that incorporate gems of very bright colors, playing in this way with contrast or you can maintain a sober posture by choosing simple designs, for example earrings silver short.

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  • Blouses with wide and short sleeves. They are the ideal garments to wear bracelets. Without a doubt, the short sleeves show without shyness the bracelets that you wear, letting your wrists steal all the glances of the place. For this summer season where short-sleeved shirts are so popular complement your style by choosing a handle or bracelet that achieves the visual effect you are looking for.
  • Long-sleeved blouses and dresses. For this type of clothing that leaves so little space to show, designer rings are the right jewel, since If you use bracelets, they would be above the sleeves, not showing in this way neither the bracelets nor the detail or reason that the sleeve may have.

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