Messages from water, an investigation to change your attitude


In previous articles I addressed a topic that we all found novel and infinitely interesting, ” The Messages of Water”. An investigation carried out by Dr. Masaru Emoto, showed the ability of water to respond to stimuli.

It seems that water is sensitive to words, songs, and bodies to which man is also sensitive or already reacts be it positive or negative. In each of the experiments, the water molecules reacted forming patterns that could be seen under a microscope. Faced with beautiful stimuli in which emotional words such as love, heart, soul and thank you were used, the crystalline structures were clear, beautiful, passive. On the contrary, the music of the heavy metal genre and offensive words affected the water molecules, the patterns were chaotic and disturbing.

Reflection from an investigation

This research makes us think twice. First of all, we have to think that both biotic components and abiotic components that make up the environment have energy, only that in an inanimate object it is a static energy. This scientific discovery tells us diplomatically that it would be naive to think that it only feels what moves and breathes.


On the other hand, it makes us wonder: do we really know the scope of words? Oral communication is man’s main means of communication, for which he uses language. When we say something (it also happens when we carry out a certain act) we are sending a certain message around us and this in the short, medium or long term will respond, just as water does, (remember that the body human is made up of 70% water) sending messages back to us through certain crystalline structures once we stimulate them.

A positive attitude: magnet for good luck

Many people only live complaining and cursing their little fortune without realizing that this is the attitude that does not allow them to break with that misfortune. A negative and complaining position only exacerbates a bad situation, and not only that, but it will constantly attract new crises. By sending all that dark and negative vibe around you, it will return things of the same nature.


It is necessary that despite the different characteristics and ways of being, each person develops for himself and for the benefit of around you, a positive magnetizing thought. What do I mean by this? We must think with the right attitude, and this attitude will undoubtedly act positively and the results of our objectives will demonstrate it.

I hope this article has been to your liking, and even more so, it helps you to adopt a good attitude towards life, and therefore many good things come to you. Greetings and I look forward to your comments online.

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