Myths and legends about jewelry and gold objects


The gold is by nature one of the most beautiful metals that exists, if to all this we add the multiple stories, myths and legends that have surrounded it. been created, we can say that it is the most popular of all precious metals. This time, let’s share some great stories about objects and gold garments.

The gold ring always shines

A beautiful but little-known story forever strengthened that indissoluble nexus of engagement ring and gold. In Livorno, a city in Tuscany, in Italy, a very poor young man decided to declare his love to a rich young woman. He collected for five years every penny he earned selling bread. When he was finally able to buy a beautiful gold ring with a diamond and two sapphires, he presented himself to the young woman.

She fell deeply in love with the young man, she had never seen such a noble face. When he comments on the sacrifice made, the moved girl was saddened by so much loss of time, a gold ring was something that never was missing in his jewelry box while love had always missed him. The young man claimed: getting this gold ring only took five years, but it will always be in your hands, it is forever like our love. gold always shines, just like the stars, just like my eyes when they look at you.

Gold bracelets for love

silver and gold bracelet

For the Yoruba religion, the deity of love, Oshun, was a beautiful woman, sensual and capable of having any man. According to this religion, this orisha (saint) wore five gold bracelets, which she sounded when she wanted to attract the attention of a gallant; For this reason, those women who want to have a full love life and find their soul mate should wear five gold bracelets. In the same way, women practicing this religion, on their wedding day, must wear, in addition to the classic engagement ring, five gold bracelets, thus guaranteeing a happy marriage and durable.

A gold coin for death

A son desperate for his father’s impending death, he decided to make a deal with death. The noble young man offered his life in exchange for his father’s, however death had another idea. For a long time he had wanted for his collection, a gold coin from the Laguna de Urchila, a mythological lagoon, which everyone could find but no one could return, and in its bottom there were millions of coins gold, never seen before.

Two days later he was already in the lagoon. Returning with the coin in his hand, he came across a ferocious animal. Willing to devour the young man, but he saw in his eyes, a tremendous kindness and thus he told him: you are the first man who only tries to take a coin, all the others with ruthless greed try to steal my gold, however you don’t. The young man explained that the coin was not for him, he only wanted to save his father’s life and that was the price. The beast learned that there were men who preferred the wealth of the heart. I just let the boy go, but not before filling his pockets with coins. Death got what it wanted, and the boy’s father lived many more years.

Gold today

necklace made of gold

Today, gold is no longer considered divine and is one of the most highly valued metals. In jewelry making it is widely used to create any piece: from earrings to brooches. A gold jewel can be a legend for our family. So, what do you think about acquiring a gold jewel and making it represent something important to you. In this way, in tomorrow, your grandchildren will know through it, the story of your life. Very nice, don’t you think?

I await your comments on this article. I also ask you to share some curious story like the ones we can find here. A very cordial greeting and see you soon.

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