Past and present of a unique metal: silver

silver faceStories can move or inspire us. More than one artist has taken as muse some of the myths and stories that humanity has inherited from predecessor civilizations. The jewelry designers are one of those artists who have immersed themselves in the wonderful world of silver , knowing its antecedents and current events, and for the recognition of fine jewelry , have created pieces considered works of art at all times.

The history of silver from three different perspectives

1. Silver in folklore


The ancient Assyrians associated this metal with the moon and attributed virile powers to it. Therefore, if a man wanted to get a woman pregnant, he had to drink a water to which seven silver coins were deposited in advance, on seven nights of the crescent moon; For the procedure to be successful, during this period, they had to be in total abstinence.

For her part in Egypt, when a woman wanted to conceive a male child, she consulted a priest of the Goddess Iris, who gave her a small silver plate to taste. achieve that purpose.

The well-known Alexander the Great also succumbed to the magnificence of silver. When the ancient city of Ecbatana was conquered, the Macedonian king was impressed by the beauty of the palace of the city covered with silver sheets, which he used as a bed that night.

In Pre-Columbian America this metal was widely used. From the Inca Empire we have obtained silver objects, which show the multiple use of this metal in this civilization.

In Anglo-Saxon films and comics, the use of silver for the extermination of vampires, werewolves and even witches has been popular. This is because different cultures have attributed magical qualities to it. Very curious, don’t you think?

2. Silver in science


Currently in many fields of various sciences this metal is used. In medicine, for example, silver nitrate is used to eliminate warts that patients may have. In addition, it is also used for the repair of teeth. In the sophisticated world of computers, this metal also has a place, because through it in its pure state, the microprocessor board is attached to the base of the heatsink. Chemistry is used as a catalyst for certain oxidation reactions.

3. Silver in art


In times past and today, in the art of jewelry making, this beautiful and charismatic metal is used repeatedly by jewelry designers and goldsmiths, especially because as it is a metal soft, it allows you to create charming designs. In another of the most innovative arts: photography, noble metal is used.

Silver jewelry. A lovely art

Women like and request silver jewelry . The elegance inherent in this precious metal, will make any lady look like a diva. Silver design rings, silver clasps with precious stones, long earrings and short designs varied, all silver, are some of the pieces that are not missing in the jewelry box of a lady.

To keep a good look at work, to look great at a social gathering or to attend a family dinner, you can use a silver jewel, because it knows how to adapt to any occasion. With any clothing this metal can be worn, really what should be paid more attention is the design of the jewel, that is, if it is finer or more casual.

silver ring between stones

The Silver Wedding is nothing more than the name given to the 25th anniversary of a marriage. For this occasion, you should give yourself an object made of this metal, preferably a jewel so that it can be used and publicly show the solidity of love between these two people. For women, a silver pendant could be purchased and to give as a gift to the gentlemen, there are the well-appreciated silver cufflinks personalized.

I believe that silver is a metal that deserves the attention of all, because it has been able to survive and demonstrate its usefulness century after century. Comment on the article on social media if it was to your liking.

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