The art of jewelry from the perspective of Salvador Dalí

Few men have a wit that manifests itself from so many edges of art : painting, sculpture, theater, cinema and jewelry ; and one of them is one of the maximum representatives of surrealism as an artistic current: Salvador Dalí .

Salvador Dalí Dalí’s jewels

Although better known as a painter, this artist also designed jewelry. The jewelry of Salvador Dalí reflects two things fundamentally: his perspective of art in a general sense and what is the art of jewelry. For him, art is creation and communication. Dalí had a creative potential that he did not hesitate to exploit and the result was works (among them jewels) that expressed his curiosity about time, his vision about the relationship between space and time, and of course, the world of dreams.

We find in each piece the own concept that such a virtuous artist had about the art of jewelry. More than gold, silver, sapphires, emeralds, a jewel is valued, at Dalí’s consideration, for the design and craftsmanship.

Her jewels are loaded with sensations. It has a philanthropic mission, without a doubt, they are made for the delight of the public, to satisfy the human senses, that is the purpose of Dalí’s jewels, to create controversy in the mind of those who visualize the jewel.

Salvador Dalí Jewelry

Jewelry design

jewelry design is an art that is not dedicated to creating only beautiful pieces. The current jewelry needs to be in tune with the way of thinking of the current man, only then can it transcend. It must, without losing sight of standards of functionality and technical knowledge, satisfy the fundamental needs of women and men of the 21st century.

Take the profession seriously

The professional facet is one of the most important in a man’s life and plans and perspectives revolve around it. To develop in an artistic sphere, such as jewelry design, you must feel immense passion and personal commitment.

However, the very rhythm of today’s society is sometimes detrimental to the contemporary jewelry. Mass production breaks somewhat with creativity, the originality that a jewelry design must have. A marked profit motive can also stain the name of modern jewelry. Many designers focus only on selling a design that sets current trends and do not focus on what a jewel should represent for the wearer, the connection that should exist between the jewel and its owner. Others sin by thinking that their piece is magnificent because it is gold or some other precious metal, and therefore that piece is destined for success in the market , and therefore are underestimating the need for good design.

Respect must be imposed in a double sense: to jewelry as art and to us as artists who dedicate ourselves to it.

beautiful desig of a jewel

This article was interesting, don’t you think? Respecting all other criteria, I consider that we have to be ourselves, the jewelry designers who must work hard, so that our industry, and even more so, the art that springs from our minds through our hands , be valued and recognized. How? The method is not absolute, what does become universal is the need to create jewelry that can be summarized as follows: originality, functionality and quality. I look forward to your comments in this regard.

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