What is Your Jewel According to your Personality?

girl with a red necklace

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of jewelry in the life of a woman? They are not only considered one more complement with which to embellish the feminine outfit. Beyond aesthetics, jewelry pieces long ago became an indispensable element representative of social status and loaded with meaning.

There is no doubt that in the past man already sought to differentiate himself from the rest with something that made him stand out from others, so they took different materials to transform them into characteristic ornaments according to their beliefs or social environment.

The term jewel derives etymologically from the Latin jocale, that is, a pleasant object or toy. And that is what it has been for all these years, an accessory that adults have fun with to turn the costumes into something much more interesting. Although the true significance of jewelry lies in its ability to highlight the natural beauty of women, making it a symbol of femininity and confidence.

The jewel as an extension of your personality

Today the world of jewelry is very extensive and varied, with multiple options to choose from as classic earrings of pearls, sparkling necklaces or rings with precious stones. However, many more factors come into play when making a decisio beyond the taste or style of each person. One of them, and probably the most important, it is the temperament of the woman.

Lately we are used to some designs fine, delicate and simple that do not attract much attention, but are very easy to combine and wear very little. Within this type of pieces they usually highlight small pendants with minerals, minimalist and smooth rings or necklaces attached to the neck. A style that dreamy girls often resort to and happy, responsible and calm, but inside they are loaded with strength and energy.

In contrast to this aesthetic, there are also extravagant and atypical jewels. We are talking about large rings, animal-shaped bracelets or bracelets with different hanging decorations. Outstanding among this variety strong and warrior women that deep down hide sensitive girls who want to open up to the world.

Would you know which one to decide on? In JewelrySecrets we have prepared a practical guide for you on the jewels that best match your way of being and your style, so you can choose the one that will best represent your identity or highlight a hidden trait of your personality that you want to bring to light. Surely you identify with more than one, but without a doubt that at the end of this article you will have already decided the one that 100% will not be missing in your jewelry box.

Highlight the aspects you want of your personality with the right jewel

Wearing one jewel or another can say a lot about your character or, on the contrary, hide something very obvious that you do not want accentuate even more Do you want to be seen as innocent and calm? Or do you prefer become the life of the party? That is the power that these give us small pieces of decoration that have acquired over the years the value of your second skin.

That is why we are going to teach you how to use correct of them so that you are perceived by other people exactly as you want.

Delicate and feminine

The ideal type of gems for this case are the small size pink or pastel. Remember that tenderness and kindness that you want to represent with these accessories is not determined solely by the tonality of the same, but also by very unique shapes. We advise you themes such as butterflies or birds, hearts and pearls.

ring with flower form

Rose gold is perfect for rings. Always opt for a minimalist and elegant air. Simplicity with a feminine touch is everything.

Don’t forget this is just a plugin of your look. For this, the soft and natural makeup with a sophisticated hairstyle they will turn into an unsurpassed finish.

Carefree and relaxed

Never confuse a casual style with scruffy. Every jewel is characterized by highlighting the femininity of women in very different aspects; for this occasion in relation to your trust.

Nature and floral motifs are perfect for this type of girl. Small to medium in size, but always with light tones and little variety. You have to do without highly ornate accessories, since the temperament has to be reflected transparently as the person himself.

Dominant and sensual

Depending on the circumstances in a woman’s life, there are situations where she needs to bring out that wild side to be the center of attention on the spot. And to achieve this there is nothing better than a jewel.

Apply color combinations and designs complexes is one of the best tactics to represent strength and sensuality. Precious gems in different shades and excessive decoration. They are great allies of this style.

But be careful! Your clothes can conflict with your accessories and end up dethroning each other. You must be clear that they must add, not subtract. Using solid colors in your clothes and V-necklines for an extravagant necklace will help you make your outfit and accessories a perfect match.

Flip your character 180 degrees

Do you prefer to deceive your audience? Sometimes an event calls for a different style than what you’re used to and it can be a lot of fun when it lets you experiment with your jewelry.

golden ring with pink gems and diamonds

The icing on the cake is how to do it correctly. Don’t let stereotypes tell you how to dress or what hairstyle to wear. Become whoever you want by playing with different styles to reflect the personality you want.

If, for example, you are small in stature, nobody forces you to wear stilettos. Opt for platform sneakers, a black look that stylizes your figure and finishes your outfit with a necklace with a dominant personality or large hoops and a simple choker. Do you already have some ideas in mind? JSecrets encourages you to get the best version of yourself with your jewelry every day and we offer our service for creating personalized and unique jewelry . Do not lock yourself in a single style, the secret lies in knowing how to create a perfect set from your makeup, your clothes and your jewelry.

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