The Earrings and their origins

elegant woman with earrings

Despite the limited evolution that they have had over the centuries, earrings continue to be an important part of a great mechanism, without which it would be impossible for it to work.

The history of humanity cannot be conceived without the presence of those articles for personal use, used by sovereigns and slaves, men or women, rich or poor, Egyptians, Americans, Arabs, Romans…

From Paleolithic times to the present day, humanity has been unable to do without earrings, and it has adored them so much that they have given them healing properties such as removing stomach pain, or they have raised to the highest social scale by including them in the name of a population, as is the case of Necochtlan, in Mexico, named after its autochthonous inhabitants and whose meaning is “place of earmuffs”, which has been the same thing.

A story that begins

Despite the title, I have no news so far as to at what point in our evolution as a race earrings arose. But the search for information about it has led me to collect very interesting data that I have here for you.

From the Cro-Magnon to the youth of today

Sometimes you have to be a little exaggerated when you want to capture the attention of the public, and this subtitle would be over, if it weren’t for the fact that the history of earrings comes from billions of downpours. Downpours that have fallen on the 5 continents, because in all of them obvious physical and material traces of the use and creation of the earrings have been found.

We got on the time machine and….

As you have to choose a place and a time, we settled comfortably in the Paleolithic era, whose art was developed between 32,000 and 11,000 BC, no less than during the last ice age.

There we see a varied collection of carvings in animal horns, tusks, clay, stone, bone and shells, the latter used to make precisely earrings and necklaces. I take this opportunity to leave you this curiosity: necklaces, earrings and combs are among the objects created by man that have advanced the least with the times.

Direct to Africa

African woman

In the cradle of human civilization, the African continent, we meet the ancient Egyptians who created beautiful jewels using various techniques, not inconsiderable. In general, since prehistoric times, North Africa and especially the area south of the Sahara stood out for the work of the artisans of the great medieval kingdoms, who made not only earrings, but also bracelets, rings and other decorations.

Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, Assyrians or Babylonians, all earring

Such is the case, that in the Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian tombs of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. A large number of earrings made of gold, silver and precious stones have been found.

green precious stone

For their part, the Romans left traces of their artistic endeavor in this sense from the years 2500 BC. and 500 BC

The Greeks contributed, among other wonders, fine and elegant jewelry such as braided gold necklaces and hoop earrings with filigree discs and rosettes.

Polynesia, Orient y America, all inclusive

Earrings, used since ancient times in all cultures as an adornment, sign of social position, official category or religious symbol, also had their representation within the Maori art from Polynesian, in the field of orientalist art and in different American cultures.

Maori art broke into present-day New Zealand between the 9th and 10th centuries AD. Despite being essentially warriors, they had great technical skill that they also used to make small jade boxes decorated with feathers and earrings that represented their ancestors.

The East, of course, did not escape this human need to demonstrate power, attract, seduce, through the use of earrings. Since 1500 BC, when the Indus valley glittered with golden straps and gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces, to this day, the techniques and styles that gave renown to his ancient art have remained almost intact.

America, the last continent where the sight of European man arrived, already had a very rich tradition in the art of jewelry dating back to Chavín culture, which flourished in Peru between 900 and 200 BC Valuable objects found attest to this, such as the large earmuffs made with gold, which was the only metal they knew and used. To wear them, it was necessary to widely pierce the earlobes. Nothing more and nothing less than how many people in the world are used to doing today.

Journey to the seed?

It could be affirmed that yes, that regarding the taste of wearing earrings, humanity has been paralyzed in the Paleolithic era. However, much progress has been made in terms of the materials used, the technology used, and something very important, jewelry design.

Today, like yesterday, there are millions of us who continue to bet on the good taste of wearing at least a pair of beautiful earrings hanging on their ears, the ones that go the most with our personality, with our particular taste.

Now we know that millions of our ancestors had the same inclination, and that makes us think of the saying that states: “so many looks cannot be wrong “.

The use of earrings is the heritage of the human being, and each one can give with them an appreciable touch to their personality, whether they are about to fall in love, not to go unnoticed in some way, or simply , to indulge yourself when looking in the mirror.

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