The earrings through the ages

Customs become necessary laws

girl with big earrings

Enough centuries have passed since man came up with the idea of ​​piercing his earlobe to hang a carved animal bone or a seashell there. However, this ancient custom has not lost its validity even with the passing of the years.

Today, millions of people from all countries, regions and cultures continue to decorate their ears with beautifully crafted seashells, seeds, pieces of wood, and other objects made of metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, aluminum, etc.

Customs are necessary

A simple look around, and you can appreciate the truth of what we are talking about here. How many of the ladies that you see in your workplace, in the subway, the bus, the theater, attending some sporting, artistic or any other kind of show, do not have at least one pair of earrings attached to their ears? ? I’m sure you will have a hard time finding one.

And if we go any further, I invite you to stop and sneakily look at the ears of the gentlemen who pass by. Many, especially if they are young, will wear some piercing or pending. These days they are as popular as the much debated tattoos.

girl with earrings

The real case is that wearing earrings has become more than just a habit: it is now a necessity. And of course, such a widespread practice has made it possible for new design and manufacturing needs to arise for these jewels, essential when making a gift or wearing them in daily life.

The design of earrings through the ages

The world of which man is a part, its flora and fauna, were forever trapped in the designs of the first earrings. Animals and plants were represented in a highly artistic way, and kings and queens of the greatest empires wore them as a sign of royalty, virtue and power.

Today’s designers are not far from that reality, and we also feel inclined to give our pieces that unique touch that permanently connects man with his environment.

Design techniques have evolved, other materials are used in addition to the traditional ones, and the computing or computing are the tools of this time, a base on which we can make the most fantastic designs .

Today’s designer earrings

Many have been the centuries traveled by humanity and many are the variants that modern men and women have today to wear on their bodies a jewel that speaks for themselves of their personality, their ambitions , your sensitivity. But not all designers are trained to capture that essence of the human soul that is in each one of us.

As a designer, for me it is essential to convey sensations or tell stories through the jewels that I create with my imagination.

That capacity that I exploit as an artist is at the service of my profession and my clients, who are invariably pleased with the final result of my work. And is that for there to be a happy ending, there has to be a successful beginning.

History feeds us, tradition gives us the trade, modernity gives us the tools. But the quality seal is guaranteed by the union of JewelrySecrets with your client. He knows what he wants and we offer it to him with every guarantee.

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