The human brain and gold relationship

There are two organs most important in human organism: the heart and the brain. According to a publication of the business magazine Business Week Magazine the human brain has a capacity 500 times greater than the memory system of a state-of-the-art computer and 10 times greater than all the information that is archived in the National Archives of the United States of America.

human brain

Main functions of the human brain

The brain processes all the information we perceive through the senses, controls behavior and makes our movements voluntary and coordinated. This organ is in charge of the cognitive, emotional part, regarding learning and memory.

A curious investigation

A recent investigation by the prestigious Stanford University showed that primitive parts of the human brain , in addition to being excited by sex, food, can also do it with money.

The really curious thing is that sex and food are sensory perceptible, the body is receiving a pleasant stimulus, which may even be satisfying a need, therefore it is not completely strange that these brain areas experience that stimulus. However, money does not physically produce any stimulating sensation that excites the brain, so we have to understand that everything happens at the brain level, that stimulus is produced by the significance that money has for man.

pot with money

Money symbolizes the purchasing power of a person. It is not directly capable of producing any brain stimulus, but money is capable of financing sensations or experiences that man enjoys, and the brain is capable of making this relationship; For example: money allows you to pay for a vacation on a tropical beach; the brain produces and understands the scope of such an idea and the subject experiences a certain sensation (of relaxation, of joy, etc.)

And the gold?

At this point we could ask ourselves, is gold also capable of activating that primitive part of the human brain?

I leave here the following reflection that in a certain way tries to give an answer although not exactly scientific: when a piece of gold is acquired, for example, a gold jewel, the subject feels satisfaction not for the mere fact of acquiring a quality piece and whose durability over time will be extensive and, therefore, made a good investment, it also feels a pleasant sensation because in our subconscious the gold already has a kind of code, it has a predetermined symbolism, it is something that the subject perceives as good and capable of making him feel good.


The answer to the question posed in the topic would also be positive if we make the following relationship: gold represents money, in fact, in another time it was the Money itself (in any ancient civilization, it was a symbol of power, social status and wealth) For gold we pay a price (money) and in the same way it can produce profits in case of sale. From any objective perspective, it is money and perhaps that is also a code that we have already incorporated. It is likely that it can stimulate the same areas, however, it is something that we leave in the hands of scientists, always waiting for new discoveries that show the complex nature of the human brain . Without a doubt, it is a fact that if proven, it could regenerate the jewelry industry.

So, I hope this article has been to your liking and motivates you to continue your search on topics as interesting as this one. I also hope that you consider, when buying a jewel, the multifaceted value that gold has. You can leave me your opinion if you wish.

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