The Riviere, a jewelery classic that you can’t miss

Maslow with his famous pyramid described the needs of the human being. And it is that we cannot live without covering a series of vital needs. From eating, sleeping or drinking to self realization. To feel self-realized, creativity and spontaneity of each one of us is necessary, which is achieved thanks to our intellectual and emotional development.

Jewelry needed in our jewelry box

Maslow's pyramid

If we had to define a pyramid, like Maslow, in the field of jewelry, there would be a series of jewels necessary in our jeweler to be able to get to cover vital needs, that piece that cannot be missing in any woman’s room.

The Riviere, a jewel that you should not miss

the Riviere

There is an article par excellence, a classic in jewelry that you should have if you want to meet the needs in terms of trends in jewelry, the Riviere.

Its name refers to the lights of the Rivera, because it simulates the brightness and light in the dark night. This particular jewel is part of a necklace and bracelet set, although they do not have to be worn together all the time. You can choose to simply wear the necklace, the bracelet, or both at the same time.

The Riviere, a sophisticated jewel

This jewel differs from the rest for its simplicity and elegance. The classic usually carries diamonds, although there are versions with another series of cheaper gemstones. A perfect example of any Riviere necklace or bracelet is one that is made up of diamonds followed one after another without much separation on a white gold setting. An exquisite and very light piece.

square diamond

Occasions to wear El Riviere

The Riviere is an exceptional piece to wear at any time, a jewel by day and by night.

If you have a special evening event, wearing a basic strapless black dress and choosing a nice Riviere necklace as a jewel will be a great way to shine in the dark.

If the event is during the day, choosing a cocktail dress in bright colors and wearing a Riviere bracelet will help you add elegance to a casual look.

You can wear your Riviere outfit anytime you have the need to feel elegant.

Let your imagination run wild

If you want to design your Riviere necklace or bracelet and achieve that self-realization as Maslow proposed in his pyramid, design your own jewel thanks to JewelrySecrets. You will be able to create a necessary piece in your jewelry box, at the same time that you will be letting your imagination fly. With our personalized jewelry service, you will feel unique and special not only for being the creator of a unique jewel but also for highlighting your personality every time you want to show off your bracelet or Riviere necklace .

Because feeling elegant and beautiful is something necessary and El Riviere will be your best ally

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