The seventh art and jewels


Art and jewelry once again go hand in hand. The number seven is special, for many people it is their favorite number and even in some religions it is a sacred number. The seventh position corresponds to cinema on the list of the arts. At present, perhaps for many, cinematographic works are more relevant than those that precede them on that list, but even so, they occupy a special place in the artistic cast. Cinema is a cultural jewel that everyone has access to and that entertains us while educating us and even enlightening us, depending on the genre. And as a jewel that it is, in hundreds of films jewels have appeared that will go down in history and will be remembered.

Movie titles with jewels

Surely you remember a movie title that includes a jewel.

The first thing that comes to mind for many classic movie lovers is none other than Breakfast at Diamonds ( Breakfast at Tiffany’s)Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. A jewel of the cinema in which the pearl necklace worn by the main actress has become a beautiful museum piece and in which the jewels take on great importance in the plot of the film.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Modern movie lovers will think of The Lord of the Rings. A saga based on the epic fantasy in which a ring is the cause of unleashing a war.

The Lord of the Rings

Snatch pigs and diamonds is another movie that also includes diamonds in its title. This play directed by Guy Ritchie and starring a cast of actors known as Brad Pitt or Benicio del Toro, among others. Its script is based on the theft of the diamond and how its protagonists try to get it.

Jewels as protagonists in the seventh art

Jewels are a very interesting plot that has been used a lot in the cinema. And it is that who has not seen a movie in which the theft of a jewel is the main objective of the protagonist or antagonist of the film. They are a perfect target for well-known movie thieves like in the movie The Last Hit.

The movie Titanic marked a whole generation. The pendant called Heart of the sea is the common thread of the film. Divers search the sea for such an appreciated jewel and only find a portrait of a woman who wears it in the drawing and from that moment the protagonist begins to tell that love story. The necklace also puts an end to the film with its launch into the sea.

Jewels in animation

Many of you surely do not know this story but the Pink Panther is also related to diamonds. The birth of this unique animated character was created by chance. In the original film by Blake Edwards; the Pink Panther was a very valuable diamond that was so named because inside it you could see a panther drawn. In that first film, an animation was used to illustrate the title and the opening and ending credits of the film. Blake Edwards commissioned the prestigious animator Friz Freleng to create this cartoon. Later this well-known animated character became so popular that he became the star of his own movie.

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