Undiscovered treasures, an inexhaustible list

hidden treasure

Deep in the oceans , in the most small island, found unowned fortunes; treasures that for things in life ended up there, and never have been seen. In the article that I present here I will talk about some of those treasures that, under an inexhaustible wait, they want to be discovered.

Treasures not found

There are many treasures that are still lost somewhere, and I think it is a shame not to know if one day they will be found for the benefit of history; These are, without a doubt, witnesses who keep secrets that modern man may never know.

The Treasure of Lima

treasure of Lima

The tragic history of this treasure shows that the gold rush is not pure myth. This treasure is made up of 113 religious images  including one made of gold, the actual size of the Virgin Mary; more than 1000 diamonds, chests with valuable jewels, chalices, pure gold crowns and gold bars silver and gold. This was enough for the person in charge of transporting the treasure on the ship called “Maria Querida”, William Thompson, to become corrupted, kill the crew and travel to the Isla del Coco (near Costa Rica) where he would bury the booty . Until today, there has been no news of this treasure that led to the deaths of people and the appearance of a new pirate: Thompson.

Treasure of Pharaohs

thomb of Tutankamon

According to the ancient Egyptian civilization, burying a deceased with their personal objects of economic value, ensured that in the next life, this person would enjoy riches obtained in previous lives; That is why the pharaohs buried themselves with all their wealth. This is not the only reason, it turns out that these were considered children of the god Ra, they were his earthly representation. When a pharaoh died, he acquired divine status and as such he was venerated, and his tomb became a temple to which they took gold offerings, to respect the god. The discovery of the tomb of Tutankamon, showed that Egypt hides many tombs where the Treasure of the Pharaohs is found.

Blackbeard’s Treasure

Blackbeard's treasure

The famous robber of the seas, known above all, for the attack he carried out in the town of Charleston (North Carolina) achieved, through piracy, a fortune. Despite the short period as a looter on the high seas, Blackbeard and the crew of his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge, managed to obtain many of the riches that the Spanish transported from their colonies in America to the Kingdom of Spain. The fame of this pirate is due to the terrifying outfit he wore when he undertook his attack.

Treasure of Atlantis

treasure of Atlantis

The Island of Atlantis was described by Greek philosophers in texts that have come into our hands, as one of the richest territories and with the best soil in the world. silver and gold were abundant. After the collapse of the Island, all the riches were swallowed by the sea, and even with the help of advanced technologies, it has not been possible to locate the place where this Island was.

I hope that the article has been to your total liking, and I also tell you that it is the first in a series of articles that I will write about hidden treasures in the world. Greetings and I invite you to comment on social networks these curious facts that you have learned on the subject.

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