Do you know what the meaning of gemstones is? Choose the right one for you

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Due to our connection to nature, people are receptive to the vibrations that these crystals produce as they reflect and store light. In fact, even today many clinics that opt ​​for natural treatments continue to use the healing properties of precious stones and energy crystals.

In JewelrySecrets we are in favor of including gems in our collection of personalized jewelry because not only does it add a distinctive touch to each piece, but also thanks to its powers and symbolism makes it a protective amulet for its owner.

Difference between precious and semi-precious stones

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It is true that the term gemstone began to be used in the mid-nineteenth century to refer to four specific stones: diamond, emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire. Back then the rest were considered semi-precious stones. In my opinion, all natural stones are precious, only that each one of them has very specific characteristics and particular properties, being more appropriate to use them for some types of jewelery than for others.

However, today we use four factors to differentiate between one and the other. On the one hand, the hardness, which guarantees its durability over time. Another of them is its rarity, the more difficult it is to find it in nature, the more value it has. Its beauty and perfection; that is, its color, transparency and purity. And, finally, the size is what will determine the brightness of a gem.

What is the one that most identifies with your personality?

Blue sapphire

It is the stone of intuition and communication with the spiritual world. In ancient times sapphire was believed to protect against evil spirits. He is considered as the protector of love and represents sincerity, fidelity, peace and wisdom. This is the gem of the month of September and is associated with the planet Saturn.


Although its name comes from Persian and its meaning is green stone, emerald can also have bluish or yellow tones. The oldest were mined during the reign of Alexander the Great and became Cleopatra’s favorite stone. Its vibrations are said to promote balance and purification, as well as calm negative impulses. It is one of the most used stones in high jewelery and is often combined with white gold to further enhance its chromatic intensity. If you were born in the month of May, this is your stone and the planet Venus is the origin attributed to it by myths.


Undoubtedly the favorite stone to make engagement rings. Its name comes from the Greek, “adámas”, which means invincible, and it is the hardest natural substance on the planet. It is such a strong material that it can only be cut or polished by another diamond. One of the most valued gems for its color, brilliance, transparency, hardness and scarcity, making it a symbol of eternal love, balance and strength. If your month is April, you should know that this is your stone, so do not hesitate to get one because it also feeds perseverance and raises the physical energy of the person who wears it.


The hardest gemstone after diamond. Formerly, in some Asian cultures, they were used to decorate armor or in the foundations of buildings to ensure resistance and future. It was considered a sign of protection against evil. However, today, it represents vitality and love. We associate it with the month of July.


Ancient civilizations placed great value on this mineral. It was believed that it was synonymous with luxury and that is why it was used in crowns, scepters and rings, even Christian bishops used it to decorate their crosses, thus making it a symbol of piety and celibacy. It is currently used as a protection amulet, favors meditation and facilitates communication and intuition. His month is February.


Despite its low cost, due to its abundance. Quartz. It can be found in a wide variety of colors. In some cases, depending on the color they acquire their own names, such as: in purple and its range of tones is the aforementioned Amethyst, in the range of yellows it is known as Citrine, in the case of transparent white it is known as Rock crystal. There are also many other colors and a wide variety of shades: like rose quartz, smoky, black, brown, blue, red, green.

We will focus on the meaning of clean and transparent quartz, the Rock Crystal. Being one of the most powerful healing stones. This material is closely connected to the spiritual worlds. We are talking about an excellent energy manager, not only by itself, but also enhancing the energy of other crystals that are next to it. Quartz stimulates emotional clarity, purity of the heart, enlightenment, peace and calm, and also helps boost the immune system and prevent disease. The peculiarity of this stone is that it does not belong to a specific month, so anyone is welcome to receive all its energy.

How do I know which one suits me best?

It is very important to make this decision to take advantage of the full potential of crystals and their healing properties. And it is that although they all have a similar objective, that of guiding us towards light and love, each type has a unique vibration with a particular purpose.

At JSecrets we recommend making this choice from the heart and intuition, when choosing the best stone for you, this should be the one you choose. Just sit back and think about what your body and soul need right now and you will know what decision to make.

Another piece of information that can help you decide is the color. This has a deep meaning in our brain and there is also a classification of gemstones based on their hue. The chemical composition that forms them gives them a common nuance that is also reflected in similar healing effects.

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