Gems and gem therapy: medicine for the body and soul

gem therapySince ancient times, man used gems to his advantage. A literary legacy that reaffirms the above is the Bible, where the use of the large gems in Aron’s breastplate is mentioned, where twelve stones had been inserted. From here began an interrelation of the twelve months, with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the gems.

From the scientific discovery that ensured that the atoms that make up matter are not solid, but 99.99% are made up of empty space full of energy in the form of vibration, many of the gemstone therapies and other objects that imply having their own energy became highly popular.

Gemotherapy: gem therapy


Gem therapy, since ancient times, was considered an art and at the same time a science. It consists of the use of gems and crystals for therapeutic purposes, based on the properties and energies that these gems by nature have.

This consists of the placement of gems on certain parts of the body in order to achieve harmonization and vital energy. Each gem has a different property and effect on each individual, physically, emotionally and mentally. gems are like a kind of natural batteries capable of absorbing, retaining and transmitting energy. This is why they can activate the energetic circulatory rhythm, take the spent energy of the individual and provide renewed energy.

It is also known that the application of precious stones in the chakras, achieve the balance of our energy system. In this way, an activation occurs in these energy centers of the body and in what is known as aura, which is the electromagnetic field around the body. Through this procedure one interacts with torrents of information, achieving access to higher levels of consciousness.

When the above occurs, the blocked or forgotten information, which represented a conflict for our bodies, is discovered, which with specific therapeutic techniques is set in motion until it is released and disappears. Then, the emotional and mental bodies remain, faced with new ways of expression and they become more receptive and tolerant.

Stone properties

In the mineral kingdom we find an immense variety of stones, which have decorative purposes, for personal use, for therapies, etc.

circle of gems

But the use of a stone in therapies must be based on its properties, here is the importance of knowing in depth, the essence of the stone and what its power is.

  • Agate. It is used for digestive problems and helps people to accept us more readily.
  • Aquamarine. Helps to improve the functioning of the fifth chakra (the throat) known to be related to communication. It is good for attracting clarity of thought and for meditation.
  • Lapis Lazuli. Attracts energies of evolved spirits. Since ancient times it has been given supernatural power. Releases traumatic situations from the past and collaborates in the development of extrasensory perception.
  • RubĂ­. Raises self-esteem, so its use is recommended by people who tend to undervalue and belittle themselves.
  • Turquoise. It is related to the functioning of the metabolism and weight. Ideal for people dealing with diseases such as obesity and anorexia.

I hope on another occasion to return to such an interesting subject as this. What is your favorite gem? Socialize your answer on the networks and read in the next article what are the properties of your favorite gems.

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