Pearls: treasures under the sea

Nature is made up of unique treasures. From landscapes of wild and unspoiled nature to precious stones that mankind trades on. These treasures can be found anywhere, even in the deepest seas. pearls are one of the most beautiful gifts that man has been granted to contribute to his life, beauty and class.

hand with purpurine and one pearl

The elegance, rarity and sensuality of pearls are some of the characteristics that have made many pearls famous, among them we could mention the great The Peregrin Pearl, used by Queen Elizabeth of Bourbon, and that years later Liz Taylor would look in the film A Little Night Music as its owner.

Pearls according to the seas

Not all pearls are the same, their characteristics depend on the freshwater seas and rivers where they occur naturally or where man cultivates them. The Tahitian pearls are very exclusive, they are grown in temperate waters and their colors are varied: blue, green, orange and the wonderful black pearls that can reach 13 mm.

In Asia, many types of pearls are cultivated, one of the most precious is the Akoya Pearl, popularly known as Japanese pearl, whose fine range of colors varies from cream to pink. Also in the lakes and rivers of the Asian continent itself, specifically in China and Japan, a good quality pearl called Freshwater Pearl is grown.

For me the most precious of all is the Pearl of the South Seas, known as Australian pearl. They are the most sought-after pearls, characterized by the depth of their luster and their iridescence of silver tones, reaching a size of 9 to 27 mm.

Pearls in jewelry

Jewelry designers like the use of these gems for jewelry making for two main reasons: first, ladies love pearl jewelry because these give your style a classic and distinctive touch; the second: pearls combine well with precious metals such as silver and white gold, thus offering greater freedom to artist’s imagination.

pearl rings

This precious organic gem is also used for bridal jewelry, especially those in white tones because they combine in a divine way with the bridal dress, it is for them that pearl earrings, designer rings and pearl headbands, are the jewels that brides look more the day they get nuptials.

Do I have a real pearl?

How can you know if the pearl jewel they gave you is authentic and not a mere imitation? Below I offer you two ways by which you will know if your pearl is original. In the first place, you can take the jewel to an expert so that he can determine the type of pearl, it is the safest way you have.

pearl bracelet

If you do not have time to go to a Jewelry Consultancy, or money to hire such a service, you can perform the well-known tooth test. The procedure is as follows: lightly brush the pearl with your tooth, if you notice a certain sandy texture, it is a real and valuable pearl, always depending on its variety and size. With imitation pearls, by not having these porous mother-of-pearl surfaces, you will have a sensation of total softness.

If you think you deserve a pearl jewel, I totally agree with you. Any elegant woman deserves and needs one. Acquire it in a store that offers guarantees, so that you are sure that the piece you are purchasing is a real pearl.

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