From ashes to diamonds

It is death, one of the natural processes of man, which we are all destined to reach. But who says that life is not eternal? After death we can continue to exist, now as diamonds. Although it may seem like a dream, science has advanced so far and today it is possible to turn a cremated corpse into a diamond.

blue diamonds

A wonderful idea

Switzerland was one of the European countries that was at the forefront in the practice of cremations. For this reason, two young Swiss, Rinaldo Willy and Veit Brimer, started a conversation that would end in a novel and lucrative idea. The subject of the debate was whether the relatives could not do something else with the ashes of the loved one, something other than the old traditions of scattering the ashes in the sea or storing them in a small box or urn of precious wood.

Brimer and Willy’s knowledge of physics and chemistry allowed them to realize that the composition of the water obtained after cremation is very similar to that obtained in process of creating a diamond.


This was definitely a wonderful idea. Having to go to the cemetery or pray before an urn will always remind us of the pain of the loss of our loved one, however, having a diamond, a symbol of eternity for many cultures, is different. The beauty of this gem will remind us of the beauty of that person who no longer physically accompanies us and the many good moments that we live with him or her. From an emotional point of view, it is more comforting to have a diamond that identifies the person who is gone but who continues to accompany us in many ways.

A thriving company

This idea had the green light and great acceptance by many, even more so after the Catholic Church openly spoke out against this practice, also saying that this is not a sin.

Without any difficulty each person, after examining the default diamond designs, can choose the shape and size of the diamond in you want to become. Also, we can decide if we want to embed the diamond in a socket or in a ring. Yes, although the idea does not appeal to some, more than one person has requested to incorporate the diamond from the ashes of the deceased husband to a ring or pendant, to feel their presence and companionship forever. Curious, don’t you think?

diamond ring with ashes

Open mind to new ideas

Good ideas, such as this one about diamonds, appear on certain occasions, out of nowhere or out of a simple conversation. The most important thing is this: don’t stifle your creativity; Analyze, however simple any idea that comes up may seem to you, in this way you can have a new hobby or a magnificent entrepreneurial business. Let your imagination fly and you will create something unprecedented. Good luck!

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