Ring designs with pearls, an ancient legend reflected in your life

Rings are small jewelry whose use has become popular over time. Since ancient times, rings were garments that could be found in a woman’s jewelry box, and not only like that, because rings are one of the few jewelry that men wear.

Rings can mean many things in a person’s life. Well, the promise of mutual love in the case of engagement rings, a gift from a parent or other relative, belonging to a prestigious institution, etc. What is constant is the following: the ring, like everything we wear, describes our taste in jewelry and helps to publicly show our style.

pearl in a blue table

A short legend about the pearl ring

An old legend tells that the chief of a tribe fell madly in love with Mother of Pearl, the daughter of the chief of an enemy tribe, and such love was reciprocated. The young brown-skinned girl stealthily ran away at midnight to meet her love. The young Xauan, as a sign of his infinite passion, stole from the depths of the sea the only pearl existing in the world until then and gave his faithful beloved a mother-of-pearl ring with the pearl incorporated. Faced with such a show of love, she agreed to escape with him the following night.

pearl on a shell

Upon returning to her village, the young girl was discovered by one of her father’s subjects, who secretly longed for her and betrayed her to him. Her father was irreducible to betrayal and from a ravine he threw her into the sea. When the news reached the young man, he unleashed war and annihilated the enemy tribe. They say that since then the sea has been filled with pearls, this young woman being the creator of each and every one of them, so that each man in love can give a ring with so precious gem to his wife, and those rare and exotic pearls, are for love as intense and unique as Mother of Pearl and Xauan.

Contemporary ring design

More than the interesting legend that I previously offered, the elegance of a pearl makes it a gem widely used in the creation of a designer ring. Currently cultured pearls are very famous, because they are natural, high quality and are cheaper than the pearls that nature spontaneously creates. So, consider the possibility of acquiring a ring or earrings with a precious cultured pearl.

pearls in a bowl

The ring design allows, among other things, to offer new proposals, exclusive pieces that can satisfy different styles and the growing needs of modern women. Whether for a social or work event, modern ring designs adapt to any situation that comes your way.

If you are wanting to show the love you feel for your wife or girlfriend, you can buy a pearl ring for her, without a doubt in addition to appreciating your good gesture, she will appreciate that you have given her something so practical and beautiful.

I hope this article has been sufficient incentive to make you buy a ring with a very exclusive design, a ring created just for you.

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