The jewels, the gems and the love

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February begins and the atmosphere changes as if by magic. And it is that love can do everything. Valentine’s Day also known as love day, and in various countries also as friendship and affection day is celebrated for what general on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Such a special day requires a special gift; one that won’t fade like flowers or break easily like a card, a special day calls for a special jewel. A special jewel for Valentine’s Day can be a jewel with gems, as these have properties closely linked to love.

Precious and semi-precious stones come from the interior of the earth and have been there for millions of years, have magical properties related to love. Know then, how a jewel with gems can help your sentimental happiness.

Jewelry to attract love

The jewels to attract a unique person, with whom you can share a true love are those that have a beryl (There are different colors, among them, emerald and aquamarine are beryl, among others) because since ancient times this stone has been attributed the ability to awaken a seductive personality to the person who uses it.

lapis lazuli ring

For its part, lapis lazuli is a stone that was initially associated with health and nobility, but years later it was linked to Venus, goddess of love according to Roman mythology and for this reason it has been used in numerous love rituals. Currently it is very common for women to wear a jewel with a lapis lazuli, especially designer rings.

Stones for declarations of love

The most classic way to declare love is through engagement, for which a ring is chosen. The stone that generally accompanies a engagement ring is the diamond because its hardness symbolizes a lasting and solid union. It also represents loyalty, an important factor for the success of a couple.

pearls at feet

The pearls were treated unfairly. They were associated with a meaning of marital misfortune and failure in marriage due to the teardrop shape that some pearls have. However, the beauty of this gem of organic origin, has already been valued fairly and from signifying misfortune it went on to represent pure love, that is why more and more brides are combining their white dress with a pearl wedding ring.

Jewels for passion

To elevate passion in a relationship, the ideal is a ruby. So if you feel that that sexual desire has been lost, try giving a jewel to your wife with a ruby, if on the contrary it is the man who has cracked his passion, this precious stone should be placed under the bed, this will reignite sparks among lovers.

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