The stones, colors and chakras of the human body


For Hinduism the chakras are seven energy centers found in the human body. The term chakra means wheel or circle, and it was used since ancient times to name those seven energy centers that are complemented by several secondary chakras that correspond to the acupuncture points, each of them associating with the different endocrine glands of our body.

The chakras extend through the energy field that surrounds the physical body, a field composed of successive energy layers that vibrate at different frequencies. Each of these centers has its own functions, but in general their mission is to revitalize each aural or energy body.

Chakras and stones

First chakra: It is located in the sacrum area. It connects with the practical and material sense of life, it relates us to earthly life, and at the same time with our security, protection and support. Its color is red and the stones are ruby, garnet, black tourmaline and smoky quartz.

Second chakra: It is located between the root chakra (the first chakra) and the navel and has to do with the creation of all levels. Its energy pulses orange and relates to the sensual. The stones related to this chakra are orange agate and calcite.

Third chakra: Called the solar plexus chakra, it is located a little above the navel. It vibrates in yellow and is related to human emotions. The solar plexus stones are citrine and imperial topaz.

Fourth chakra: This is the heart chakra and is located in the center of the chest. It is linked to love , dedication to oneself or to another person, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. The stones of the heart chakra are emerald, green quartz and pink, green tourmaline and rose.

Fifth chakra: It is known as the throat chakra because it is located in that area. It represents communication at all levels, both speaking and listening. It vibrates in blue, that is why the stones with which this energy center is related are sapphire and lapis lazuli.


Sixth chakra: It is the popular third eye as it is located in the center of the forehead. When it vibrates at the right frequency, the possibility of wisdom increases, the discernment about what is good for us and what is bad for us and with clairvoyance. Its functioning is associated with the brain. The vibration color is violet. The main gemstone of this chakra is aquamarine.

Seventh chakra: the crown chakra is located in the upper part of the head and connects us with our spirituality, with the divine that lives in us and is it relates to all the energy that makes up and flows through our body. This one vibrates in white-purplish color. For this chakra the stones are white quartz, natural pearl and amethyst.

Jewelry design and energy

A large part of jewelry design contemplates the incorporation of gems or precious stones, to give a greater economic and aesthetic value to the piece. But a new purpose motivates jewelry designers to use these precious stones in their jewelry designs and is none other than contributing to the health of the physical body, mental and emotional of any person.

circle of gems

Many therapists of the well-known complementary and alternative medicine (acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic) after determining the patient’s condition recommend use of a stone determined according to their energetic properties.

People who undergo this type of therapy consider that the best way to use this stone is to wear a design jewel that contains it, whether rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants.

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