The zodiac and the precious stones, do you want to know yours?

circle of gems

Do you want to know which gemstone corresponds to you according to your horoscope?

The signs of the zodiac are the representation of twelve different personalities. Astrology confirms that depending on the date you were born, your personality is marked by distinctive traits. Your horoscope is related to the air, the earth or the water and even if you are one of those who do not believe in astrology, I am sure that on some occasion the description of the sign to which you belong resembles your way of being.

The magic of precious stones

Gems are true wonders that nature gives us and therefore contain a special energy. A magic that is transmitted in the form of good luck, which is why many people use them as a talisman. Giving yourself a talisman or giving it to a loved one is a good option to enhance the best of you. And what better way to wear your talisman than in custom rings designed for you with JewelrySecrets.

Each zodiac sign is related to a gemstone either by its shape or its color, do you want to know which is yours to create your own jewel?

Capricorn and the onyx

The personality of this symbol is marked by its tenacity and strength, therefore the perfect stone is the onyx due to its black color, which will provide the necessary boost to those brave Capricorns in every day-to-day decision.

Leo and the diamond


Leos are sophisticated and elegant, therefore their ideal stone is the diamond. A luxurious and exclusive stone that speaks for itself. If you want to enhance all your inner strength, the diamond will help you enhance it.

Cancer and the sapphire


Cancers are delicate and sensitive people. Sapphire is a stone that, when viewed, generates, due to its beauty, an immensity of different emotions. For a cancer, owning a sapphire will help enhance their innate elegance and capacity for empathy.

Aries and topaz

Aries are very positive people who are able to see the glass half full, so the gemstone for them is topaz, also known for its exclusivity and color. Wearing a topaz will make you transmit that positivity to the people around you.

Libra and Agate

agate slice

People under the sign of Libra are kind and kind, therefore their stone is Agate. A stone whose main characteristic is the variety of colors that form it. He will bring that energy and goodness that Libra possess to those around him.

Pisces and the ruby ​​


Pisces are very seductive beings. They give off love for all their pores and that is why their stone is the ruby ​​since, like any Pisces, no one could resist falling in love with this stone as soon as they saw it. If you want to be irresistible, turn a ruby ​​into your talisman.

Taurus and the garnet

Those who were born under this sign are sensual and attractive beings, hence a stone such as garnet corresponds to it due to its reddish color. If you want to feel beautiful every day both on the outside and on the inside, garnet is your precious stone.

Scorpio the amethyst

Scorpios are very deep, intense beings, so amethyst is the stone that most closely resembles them. Amethyst is a violet-colored variety of quartz. The perfect ally for a Scorpio to achieve the inner peace they so desire.

Sagittarius and beryl

Those who were born under this sign are peaceful beings that is why it resembles a related stone such as beryl due to its yellow-green color that gives off tranquility. It will bring peace in difficult and stormy times.

Virgo and the zircon

a lot of zirconia

It is the purest and most virginal sign of the zodiac. Zirconia is your stone due to the beauty and purity it represents. The transparency of this stone reminds of purity and naturalness just like this sign. If you have a zirconia talisman and you are a Virgo, you will highlight even more that beauty and naturalness that you possess.

Gemini the emerald


Geminis are self-confident beings, so the stone that is related to them is the emerald. Perhaps because as the saying goes: “whoever dares a lot with green loves himself.” A talisman that will help others see what they see of themselves.

Aquarius and Jasper


Aquariums are creative people. His stone is jasper perhaps due to the creativity of the same stone with reddish colors sometimes combined with white. If you want to invent new things and be creative on a daily basis, what better way to have a jasper if you are an aquarium.

Create your own talisman and highlight your personality

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