White Gold, a metal for unique jewelery

When we talk about white gold we can be referring to various white materials highly valued by man. Among them cotton, ivory and precious metal. The article that I present here today is intended to introduce readers to the genuinely enigmatic world of the metal “white gold“.

white gold ring

Pure gold (24 carats) is very soft to be used in jewelry, which is why alternatives are sought. One of them is white gold. This is a alloy of gold with another metal of white color such as silver, nickel, palladium or platinum, which makes the golden color of gold vary towards a silver one, which is generally covered with a layer of rhodium, which causes a mirror finish, thus giving the jewel elegance and its own personality.

Something to keep in mind

Surely when you go to buy a jewel, you have the expectation of acquiring a quality piece that is optimally preserved over the years. If you opt for a white gold jewel you have to demand a guarantee from the store or Jewelry Consultancy where you buy the piece, that it is galvanized with a 2.0 micrometer layer rhodium, because if the thickness is less than this measure, any scratch suffered by the rhodium layer of your ring or bracelet will cause the oxidation of the jewel.

White gold in jewelry

White gold is hard enough, that is why it allows jewelry designers to create infinite shapes and versatile designs than in pure gold they could not be realized. Incorporating gems into a jewel of this metal has a double benefit. First, the stone does not tarnish when incorporated into a piece of such a highly valued and durable metal, but also, since this metal is a kind of mirror, the gems are reflected on it and creates the illusion that the precious stone is larger.

Platinum is a very expensive metal, among other reasons because, as it is less malleable than gold, it implies longer work time for the goldsmith. white gold can be obtained by alloying three parts of gold and one part of palladium; in this way a brownish-white metal is obtained. This replaces platinum, a metal that objectively costs a lot and not all of us can afford it.

ring under water

We invite you then to live life with class. How? With fine jewelry and glamorous. Get them in gold, silver, and also in wonderful white gold. Designer rings, earrings, brooches, cufflinks or bracelets, cufflinks and pendants for all tastes made of this metal, which is increasing more and more in popular taste.

We recommend that you investigate more about jewelry topics like the one we offer here today because they can be very interesting, and also, you will be able to acquire greater knowledge that will establish you as a fan of luxury jewelry.

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