Archaeological jewels, a present steeped in history

Archeology, a passionate science


Although in its beginnings archeology was considered as an auxiliary science of history, today it is quite unanimous to understand it as an autonomous social science, whose object is the study of man through his material and psychological culture. In a classic way, this has always been aimed at investigating the prehistoric or ancient stage, but recently it has broadened its spectrum and created new disciplines destined to the study of more recent times, known as medieval archeology and industrial archeology.

Thanks to this science, we can learn about customs and traditions typical of past centuries, whether in matters of architecture, goldsmithing, clothing, which in one way or another have been a precedent for modern man.

Archaeological Jewels

This branch of jewelry is destined for lovers of history and its wonders. The reproduction or inspiration of jewels that were in fashion during the high Roman empire or in the ancient Egyptian civilization, or during the Byzantine empire, or the grandeur of Al-Andalus. They strengthen the idea that the current artist, for the good of art, continues to be inspired by history for his creations.

It is necessary to understand that these are not crude reproductions, on the contrary, on more than one occasion total exquisiteness is denoted when it comes to working the piece. For the achievement of a good archaeological jewel, quality is imposed, for one reason: in the past, jewels revealed the social status of the one who wore them, therefore, they generally tried to wear very ostentatious jewelery.

mineral of lapislazuli

Precious metals such as gold and silver, and gems such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, ruby, amethyst, among others, were widely used and continue to be so, not only to achieve greater accuracy when we reproduce an ancient jewel, but to grant greater economic value to the piece, and therefore, higher price of the same.

Archaeological jewels. Its usefulness

In the film industry, historical films are very popular. For its successful completion and success, a team of experts is necessary to take care of each of the details. The wardrobe is one of those key aspects to achieve the historical fidelity that these films must have, and to complement this wardrobe, archaeological jewels are used, although generally, these pieces that are used for the film are made of fantasy or of little material.

Undoubtedly the effect can be truly charming, as no gentleman could resist the sensuality that a woman would have who wears a haute couture design, inspired by a Greek goddess, whose complement is quality earrings of the same style.

An archaeological jewel can be the ideal present for a friend or a girlfriend. Women love jewelry, and if we give them a jewel identical to the one that a pharaoh probably wore, they will be delighted and will appreciate the detail you had.

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