Carambolo Treasure: A Fascinating History of Jewels from Another Age

An unexpected find, a treasure made up of 21 gold pieces of 24 carats and some of them have incorporated turquoise and precious gems . The famous Carambolo Treasure fires up our eyes and gives us a magical combination of delicacy and creativity in valuable pieces that date back to before our era.

Carambolo treasure

Why Carambolo?

The treasure was baptized with the name of the place where it was found, on the Carambola hill, located in Camas, a municipality located in the province of Seville. It is made up of pieces of gold and ceramic. There are two fundamental positions of expert historians on the significance of these jewels of Tartessian origin, some suggest that they were the trousseau of those animals (mainly bulls) that were sacrificed as a sign of homage and worship to the god Baal (god of the clouds, of the war and associated with the sun) and the goddess Astarte (deity of life, nature, fertility and carnal pleasures). According to the opinion of others, they were jewels worn by a man of high rank for some specific ceremony.

An unexpected, but valuable find

The Real Sociedad de Tiro de Pichón de Sevilla, in order to establish itself on this land, acquired its property in the 1940s. On September 30, 1958, a worker named Alfonso Hinojos del Pino found a bracelet to which the entire group of workers attributed archaeological value; The evident lack of a ornament of the bracelet itself, motivated to continue the excavation. However, the result achieved exceeded the expectations of those workers.

That day they were found, in a kind of basin, a series of pieces, which they thought were copper imitations of ancient jewels, and they distributed them among them.

A curious anecdote

One of the workers, eager to prove that the pieces were not made of gold, bent one of the pieces over and over again until he broke it. Due to this, one of the jewels found suffered damage, which is still perceptible today.


Archaeological Jewelry Designs

These jewels and others of the same nature, you can have them in your possession. How? Acquiring a replica of them, of equal quality. Is that possible? Today more than ever, it is possible to have archaeological jewels . Thanks to the advancement of design and with the use of technology that facilitate the designer his work, pieces that were very fashionable in centuries can be acquired past or that had a certain religious value, pieces that undoubtedly capture the attention of anyone due to their exotic and genuine design.

It was as always, very pleasant and interesting to share information about jewelry and its fascinating stories. I invite you to express your opinions regarding this article on the different social networks. I also recommend that if on any occasion you were to visit Seville, you should not stop going to the Archaeological Museum of the capital of this municipality, because there you will be able to appreciate a reproduction of the Carambolo Treasure. A very special greeting.

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