Contemporary and signature jewelry.

From the dust on the ground

There are many mythological or religious accounts that insist on attributing the appearance of men to the will of the gods. From the Zulu god Unkulunkulu, who emerged from nowhere to create the first man from two rocks, to the Old Testament Yahweh, who created him from the dust of the ground, the divine act of creating life always it goes back to the inorganic, to the gifts of Mother Earth.

And we, children of those same gods, from our most remote origins have wanted to form with our own hands, and with elements taken from the earth, sublime objects that we can admire.

Perhaps inspired by those mythological fathers, since the dawn of civilization, and passing through the first carved stone with which to adorn oneself, the human being, has been irresistibly attracted by the fascination of metal, glass, gem, flint, clay. etc. Any rare material, unusual or effulgent obtained from nature was, and is, valid to form, model, experiment.

The culmination? That almost mystical act of creation that today translates into contemporary signature jewelry.

Pearls necklace

The creative drive

The evolution of goldsmithing, and with it, of jewelery art, has gone hand in hand with that of the human being himself . Jewelry, as part of personal beautification, is another exponent of the metamorphosis in the tastes of society over time.

Jewelry has been transformed, then, over the centuries, fashions and societies themselves. Those lavish pieces of traditional jewelry in which solid gold and large stones take center stage, have given way to a much more diversified bet where imagination and innovation make their way in a consolidated market in which contemporary and signature jewelry continue to gain share.

Creativity at jewelry

The sector no longer only adapts to an increasingly changing society, eager for novelties, but, with creative vision, explores, predicts, interprets and reinvents. The act of reinterpreting has become as important as innovation itself.

Sobriety, refinement, glamor; or perhaps looking for more groundbreaking, minimalist, tribal looks, etc., in any case that creative impulse intervenes. The impulse that makes you take raw materials and transform them into something beautiful, harmonious, inspiring, transgressive …

And for your enjoyment

And it is that this impulse works in both directions. In the creator, but also in the carrier. You never wear jewelery like you wear a T-shirt. Not even as a purse. It is not a simple complement. It is a precious object that says something, that symbolizes so much for you, each jewel has its message. Sometimes, a message so personal, so exclusive, that there is only one piece in the whole world, yours. A creation only yours.

Diamond pendant

It is this impulse that attracts us to jewels: the most refined creation of the fruits of the Earth.

That impulse that we have always carried inside, perhaps, because the gods themselves implanted it in us.

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