Design rings, The story Like a glove

A bit of history

The ring has been used to adorn the hands since the time of the ancient Egyptian empire, according to the findings found in their tombs. Apparently they were not known to the Chaldeans and Assyrians but instead of the Persians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans.

In very rudimentary form they have even been found in prehistoric graves from the first age of metals. The materials used for the manufacture of the rings have been commonly: gold, silver, bronze and iron, as well as ivory, amber and glass rings.

golden ring

I would like to emphasize that the rings have not always been intended to be an ornament of the hand, but were also used to seal and other times they were used to place them on necklaces or for coins or as a symbolic object of distinction or superstition.

It is curious to me how the custom of people to adorn themselves with rings has not been homogeneous in all cultures. There are indigenous tribes who have worn them even on their toes, while other peoples wore them exclusively on the right hand or on both hands.

Rings of design, style and sophistication

Designer rings are accessories that contribute to giving a special touch to your appearance and have a high value that increases over time. The materials par excellence are still gold and silver. Designer rings created with these materials are jewels that do not go out of style and always have a fascinating effect on who wears them and who watches them.

silver rings

In JSecrets Design we manage to manifest through geometric lines in simple and sober shapes, an amazing capacity for change and innovation, appreciated in our precious rings that reflect elegance as an inseparable part of a style that complements its wearer.

Our Jewelry Consultancy tries to follow a ring design line very marked in the current, innovative and modern. Our rings have an aesthetic aspect combining luxury and seduction, with a character that identifies our most personal style. Our work is focused on a sophisticated public, with an interest in the exclusive, that appreciates the most daring forms and wants to differentiate itself from the established canons.

If you look closely at the design of our rings, you will notice that everyone participates in a symphony of charm, where each element fits with exquisite perfection. The different models print a vibrant sensation that seduces, which will be like a glove.

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