The history of gold: a metal of all time

Gold in various civilizations

In the Chalcolithic period gold was already used given the divine significance that it was attributed to him. The tombs then, were adorned with gold objects like the deceased, since it was considered that after death, it was gold who guaranteed that the soul will reach the Sun.

Other positions of historians affirm that in civilizations like the Egyptian the pharaohs were buried with all their personal gold objects so that when they reincarnated and came back to life they would have riches. The Egyptians developed metallurgy and gold mining technique.

In Rome, on the other hand, there were great myths about the misfortune that the use of gold could bring to a mortal. One of the most common stories is that of Tarpeia, who betrayed the Romans for the gold bracelets brought by the Sabines, and for such ambition and cruel betrayal was struck by shields and fell from a rock that currently bears his name. But the Romans themselves and the Greeks as well, considered that their gods were made of gold and were surrounded by objects of divine metal. The Jews, unlike the Romans, saw that metal was destined for earthly life and humans had to use it.

The Curses of Gold

golden treasure

Gold has a curse, many consider it that way. Whoever has unlimited ambition for this metal, succumbs. There are very interesting stories about hidden treasures that the deaths of thousands of men caused, and that still remain to be found. I mention here some examples of the hidden treasures that remain a source of mystery for many people: the Mayan Treasure buried at Chichen Itza; the Bobadilla Treasure consisting of thousands of kilos of gold that were transported in 25 ships and galleons that were shipwrecked at Cabo de EngaƱo and the Hope Treasure, the ship that was transported in In 1827 this treasure crashed against some rocks, sinking into the sea and was never found again.

Gold today

golden rings in nature

Today’s man sees gold as a precious metal that nature gave to mortals. It is a symbol of class and social distinction, that is why, above all, women love to have gold jewelry, and their wedding band is generally of this material.

Gold is widely used in jewelry for making designer rings, handles or bracelets, earrings, gold cufflinks and other jewels which, being made of gold, have a greater commercial value, as well as finesse and elegance.A gold jewel is one of the best gifts that can be given to someone we love or love, it is a special present for a person who occupies a place in our heart or to which we sincerely appreciate any gesture or action that he had for us.

I would like all readers to have enjoyed the article and learn to appreciate the much revered precious metal a little more. It is the earthly gold symbol of the sun, this source of life.

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