Women’s earrings, their origins to the present

The oldest examples of earrings that are treasured today have more than six thousand years of history and come from the ancient Egypt, where the first dynasties decided to manifest their social status through the use of accessories like these. The Egyptians generally worked with silver and gold, and embedded in these metals precious stones such as coral, jasper, turquoise, amethyst and lapis lazuli among others.

egyptian culture

It was about earrings that pierced the ears, conceived in gold to increase their value and thus symbolize the wealth of those who owned them. Throughout history they have had innumerable purposes: those of carnelian were granted the power to cure stomach ailments, it also served as a civil or military reward, and to symbolize the condition of slave.

In love matters, they have had erotic evocations, but especially they point to the bond that unites the person who wears them with the person who gave them as a gift.

The use of earrings

The use of women’s earrings, was exclusive to them during the middle age. At this time they became prominent elements for matters such as the conquest of a couple. By being flashy and ostentatious, they showed men the family from which they came, and at the same time it helped them to show interest in their company. Some research has even revealed that during the Middle Ages the use of specific colored earrings revealed the intentions of women. Curious, right?

ostentatious earrings

The earrings continued their evolution throughout history, until the twentieth century when earrings began to be a direct part of fashion trends.

In addition, the earrings are used from ancient times to the present day, by a large number of ethnic groups in many countries, for which these mean the number of battles won, age and sometimes the respect they cause in the other members of the group.

What are earrings today?

The earrings are accessories that are usually used by women on their ears, for aesthetic purposes to look more attractive and modern.

The earrings can consist of different parts, depending on the type of earring that is:

Lower Part : this is the portion of the earring where the gem or decorative element is placed, in the case of the long earring or hanging.

Upper Part : is the area that is attached to the earlobe.

Toothpick : It is the element that crosses the earlobe to connect with the back of the earring, called the closure.

Closure: is the part in charge of securing the earring so that it does not fall. In Spain the most used are Omega, Ballestilla and Pressure. Depending on the type and category of the earring, one or the other is used.

tongue piercing

At present they have also made their way, a new type of earrings, these are called Piercings, made up of a single piece, and due to the diversity of their designs can be used almost anywhere on the body, both by men and women. If you are looking for a type of earring for women, elegant, with style, in 925 sterling silver. Finished with rhodium plating, with cultured pearls. I invite you to see the earrings from my JSecrets Collection Or if in your case, you are looking for something different and in your style. We can design them exclusively for you, either from a drawing of yours, an idea; we choose the materials to your liking. And I guarantee that you will be able to see them before they physically exist, adapting them to your liking, it will be a great experience, do you dare to live it? Here’s more information.

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