5 Style Tips for Men Over 50

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How a man can look stylish and modern past 50 years

Recently a reader of this blog and a client of our Jewelry Consulting, wrote me an email asking me for tips to look better and younger at 53 years old.

Looking elegant is very important for mature men who are still of working age, especially now that job readjustment means that many men who have belonged to the same company for most of their lives, suddenly find themselves back in the job market. the unemployed, competing with others half of the young people who work for lower wages.

1. Don’t try to dress like a much younger man

Be careful when you start reading fashion advice blogs and magazines. Many of them are focused especially for the youngest.

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Does that mean it’s time to switch to high pants and orthopedic shoes? No, but I do not advise you to wear tousled hair, a piercing or unbuttoned shirt buttons to pretend that you are younger. 

2. Choose Brands that suit you

Don’t be afraid to change brand loyalties as you get older. Things that looked good on us when we were younger can stop working at a certain age. You can take a tour of clothing stores and men’s accessories and ask the staff for some recommendations. I encourage you to try several different brands to see which ones suit you best.

3. Be aware of social expectations

Stereotypes are, unfortunately, quite real, and they can have an effect on your personal and work life. The good news is that you can dress up and wear appropriate jewelry to fit those stereotypes.


When people see gray hair, stylish good clothes, and understated and elegant men’s jewelry, they automatically think of leadership, experience, maturity and success.

4. Get the latest technology

This is not a question of wardrobe or jewelry, but it falls into the category of elegant accessories for men and that is an important aspect to improve your image. Make sure you have a good Smartphone and that the people who see you use it, perceive that you handle yourself well, and that it is an important tool for your work. Other small electronic devices such as tablets are also recommended and really useful. The point is that people see you as someone current, who adapts to technological changes and who is integrated into the digital and technological world.

It is a way of visually showing younger men and women that you are part of the same community.

5. Experiment with the classics

When young people want to stand out, they usually turn to very flashy and extravagant styles such as tattoos, clothes intentionally outside of formality, etc.

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For men of a certain age, I recommend classic style items instead. There is a difference between the classic style and looking dated, but if you are careful with your choices, add details so that it is clear that your image is appropriate for your age. That does not mean at all that your style is out of date, but quite the opposite, that you can be up to date but within your style, your mood; you can stand out from the crowd without looking like you’re trying to mask your age.

If you are one of those men who have elegance and good dress as a lifestyle, I invite you to discover a new concept of elegance, which will allow you to incorporate an innovative and fresh style. And it is that men’s jewelry has a lot to say about innovation.

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