A Simple Jewelry Buying Guide For Men

 The reality is that most men are not comfortable in jewelry stores.

Between the high price tags and the technical business language, sometimes used by some sellers, it’s easy to feel like a fish. Of water, whether you are shopping for yourself or for a loved one.

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That is why I have created this quick guide to make your next purchase of men’s jewelry easier and more enjoyable.

1. Think carefully about what you want before going to a jewelry store

Don’t even go into a jewelry store and say you’re looking for something nice for yourself or a friend. That’s the easiest way to get an immediate lead to the more expensive items, and even if the salesperson tries to be really helpful, you still trust someone else’s taste, which may or may not match your taste.

Instead, go in with a clear idea of ​​the basic features you want, even if you don’t have a set of technical terms in mind.

Here is a list of jewelry characteristics that you should determine before purchase, either in a physical store or before to place an order online:

  • Jewel color: Do you want gold or silver jewelery, or are you looking for something with a colored stone? If so, what color? This is your most efficient sort, as it automatically removes various wrong color options.
  • The specific metal: Not all silver-tone jewelry is silver, and not all gold jewelry is gold. If you’ve already defined a specific metal rather than a general color, say so. It favors the elimination of several options.
  • Jewelry proportions: Don’t be afraid to use unscientific terms here. If you want a fine chain, please comment. If you want a thick, big ring, that’s what you have to say. Provide good descriptive words instead of worrying about technicalities. It is up to you to tell the jeweler “I want a good set of cufflinks that are not too flashy”, it is their job to determine which pairs of cufflinks fit that description.
  • Price: You may not want to talk about this up front, but you should have a limit in your head and stick to it. If they offer you something above that price you can simply say: “sorry, that is more than I thought to spend” and you can offer a lower figure. Some jewelers will be willing to haggle over the price of a specific piece, while others will direct you to similar but less expensive options.

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Trust me on this, you will notice a big difference between going to a jewelry store and saying: “I’m looking for a gold-colored watch with a narrow band and large dial, moderately priced, with modern flair ”, rather than go and say“ I need a good watch for work. ”

2. Consult with a Jeweler you trust

Most jewelry purchases are not made on the spot. You can do it that way, but it’s best to discuss a specific piece with a friend. If that friend is someone who knows the ins and outs of the jewelry industry, so much the better.

If you are not lucky enough to have a friend who is a jewelry professional, ask your family. It may surprise you who your relatives know, some older men have been dealing with the same family jeweler for decades, and they can easily pass a question or two from you.

When you’re asking a professional for a second opinion, focus on the things they are experts at: technical questions, details of the quality and weight, origins of the stones, etc. You’re trying to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, not just having an opinion about your taste.

Of course, you may end up wanting to buy from a jeweler that you or a family member know and trust. , There is nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that the best second opinions always come from people who have no vested interest in the sale.

3. Learn enough to ask the right questions

This is where most men feel frustrated or intimidated.

My advice: Don’t try to understand everything at once, and don’t try to pretend you know more than the jeweler. You just have to go with a proper knowledge of the basic qualities of precious metals and gemstones.

For example regarding Diamonds and Precious Stones:

Men who buy diamonds in particular are urged to consider “the four C’s” – carat, cut, color and clarity. Not all of them apply in the same way as other gemstones, but they are useful terms that you should know.

In this article you can learn about these four main factors to consider when judging the quality and value of a diamond.

4. Find the right place to buy

Not all jewelers are the same. Some have larger collections, others more personalized and exclusive, others have better prices, and some have the most attentive and efficient staff. If you are lucky you can find one that is good at all of those things, but it can be difficult. Know your options:

Big Chains or Dilanquicias: These focus on the most common types of Jewelry: wedding and engagement rings, earrings for women, watches and chains. They tend to have good return policies and other customer service features. The staff may not be as knowledgeable as a freelance jeweler, and in some cases, you should be aware that you may be dealing with a sales clerk rather than a jewelry professional in the first place. These are great places to meet basic jewelry needs, just make sure you’re getting an experienced opinion of quality, and don’t expect to find anything too out of the ordinary.

  • Relatives or independent jewelers: These jewelers are almost an endangered species. You can expect a more select jewelry selection of styles than what you would find in a large chain store. These can be good places to find unusual and eye-catching pieces, and the jeweler usually has extensive knowledge and experience. On the other hand, returns and exchanges can be more difficult.
  • Antique shop: All second-hand jewelry offers two great opportunities: the opportunity to acquire a very unusual piece, and the opportunity to be mostly scammed. Be careful! If you are not a jeweler, you are not really qualified to judge a work based on its appearance and all the documentation that may or may not come with it. Don’t spend significant money without the opinion of a specialized jeweler you trust.
  • Consultancy and Jewelry Study: If what you want is an exclusive and personalized jewel, where you want your personality and character to stand out above everything, you can choose a jewelry consultancy.

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At JewelrySecrets Design we offer our clients the possibility of making that jewel that you want so much come true. We adapt to your budget since we work with different metals: gold or silver.

What kind of jewelry can we create?

From cufflinks personalized with your initials, even that symbol with which you identify so much. A silver keychain with your heraldry is a good alternative to make a exclusive gift that will not leave that special person indifferent to you.

La Aguja Onasys for ties, it is a new concept of jewelry for men, perhaps it is another option that will catch your attention and make you feel exclusive.

The variety of proposals is as wide as your imagination together with mine, because if you have an idea to develop we will comment on it and we began to shape it and make it viable for its manufacture.

Of course, you will also have my advice and personalized treatment, with my full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the jewel that I give you. I invite you to look at the testimonials of my clients .

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