Men and jewelry? Or are they exclusively for women?

For men, the use of jewelry occurs less frequently than for women, however it is an evolving relationship. In the case of elegant and sophisticated men they become essential accessories.

Unlike women, men should wear fewer and simpler jewelry. The most common, apart from the marriage alliance, they are: the clock, the tie clip, the cufflinks, the belt buckle and the decorations and insignia. Other more contemporary that are used as accessories to give a touch of modernity, especially in the youngest, are necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings and piercings.

belt of a man

The rings have established themselves as usual accessories for men and are no longer exclusive for married couples. There are those who put it on the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger or even thumb.

The watch, an almost essential jewel

A watch is undoubtedly the most important. There are those who are very conservative and say that it is the only jewel that a man should wear and that the rest are useless and superficial, but this is not the case because modern man can look good wearing other jewelry or accessories, in addition to the usual watch. When the first wristwatches were manufactured, initially they were unsuccessful because they were I thought they were like the bracelets that only women used at that time, but during the Second World War, they were used by the officers since they were easier to consult and the feminine connotations disappeared. Currently the watch is an almost essential jewel and we all feel comfortable using it in all daily activities.

elegant watch

The tie clip and the cufflinks

The tie pin has its origin in the needle or safety pin that was worn in the seventeenth century to keep in place the voluminous loop of muslin or lace that was in fashion. This is a good solution so that the tie does not move, especially if it is made of fine silk. Thick fabric ties are best worn down and without any restraint. Cufflinks are necessary when wearing double cuff shirts. The prettiest belt buckles are the most discreet, especially in formal suits.

man with cufflinks

Other accessories for men

Decorations are only worn with uniforms or with a morning suit, they go on the left lapel, in a row and from top to bottom according to their importance. The badges indicate membership in a club or association, they are usually made of gold or silver, sometimes with precious stones. Their use is correct as long as they are discreet.

Necklaces should be plain, not multi-colored, rough, or too heavy. It’s best to stick to neutral colors that go well with most of your clothes. A simple silver, platinum or gold chain will always look good if you know how to combine it with the clothes you wear. The modern man can look good wearing a chain around his neck, a bracelet on his wrist or a ring as long as he does not overdo it.

man with piercings

Earrings and piercings are generally used by teenagers, rock stars and of course, women. Whether you use them or not will depend on the type of work you have and the image you want to project. Keep in mind that wearing earrings and any type of piercings (be it on the lips, ears, nipples – anywhere) gives you a rebellious and youthful but unprofessional image.

Remember that you can wear accessories or jewelry as long as they match the color and style of your clothes. Don’t be afraid to try out how you look in new jewelry and accessories or ask a friend whose taste you trust how they look

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