Men’s Jewelry today

Men’s jewelry were used from the oldest civilizations throughout history, such as the Egyptian culture to the pre-Columbian ones such as Maya, Inca, Aztec, ChavĂ­n, Nazca or Mapuche among many others. The man always had a cult of the body, it has to be adorned by decorative elements in the form of jewels.

Today’s man is increasingly demanding with the jewelry he uses. You are no longer satisfied with just the typical gold seals, bangle, or neck chains. The variety of accessories consumed by today’s man is quite wide.

However, we will be citing in articles that we will upload later on each of the jewels most used by men. Such as shirt cufflinks in both gold and silver, tie clips, tie pins, boy’s earrings, button covers, bracelets, pendants, rings, designer keychains, lapel pins, etc.

man with earrings

It not only varies with the social status to which you belong or the purchasing power you have. But in addition to looking for the aesthetic aspect of each jewel, it seeks to identify itself with a style, with some forms or fashions. Even customizing the jewel if necessary, making it unique. The variety of materials is important, due to the speculation that metals have in the world economy.

Alternative materials such as steel or brass are being used, combined with leather, rubber, etc. Of course, gold and silver are always the most used and noble when it comes to working them.

The role of fashion in jewelry is decisive. And it varies depending on current trends. Although at a slower speed than in jewelry for women. Men’s jewelery trends are more sober than those for women, less ornate, simpler. The use of Rhodium (metal used in a liquid state to finish the jewels) allows us a greater combination of tones in the metal, white, pink or black rhodium is used. Thus achieving a chromatic variety in which the jewels acquire a more current and innovative appearance. Metals also rust, giving that aged look.

Men’s jewelry designs usually go without stones, that is, in smooth. And when one is used it is generally a diamond. Although in jewelery for boys, that is, jewelery of the type more u radish and casua l, resins, wood, enamels and rubbers are combined with silver as the most used metal.

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