Men’s rings, personality and style

Although most of the jewelry production is designed for women, men are increasingly demanding jewelry created for them. Men’s rings are the jewelry accessory most used by men today.

The mindset is continually changing and man is a consumer of jewelry products to be reckoned with. Fashion trends consider men as a very demanding sector of the public, which does not settle for just anything. Although there are tastes for everyone, today’s man looks for design above all else in jewelry. This does not mean that there is no public for the usual jewels, solitaires, stamps and others.

I address myself to a more sophisticated public, with an interest in the exclusive, that values ​​daring forms, that wants to differentiate itself from established canons. Men who care about their image, who define themselves with a specific style.

There are many options that exist for the creation of a ring with character that identifies us. From the chosen metal, whether gold or silver as the most common materials, to its design or finish.

My bet is based on geometric lines in simple and sober shapes, seeking elegance as part of a style that complements its wearer.

In my opinion, men’s rings are normally plain without gemstones, but in the event that it is designed with it, the accompanying gem must be discreet, small in size. Its white, diamond or zirconia color depends on the budget we have.

The finish is essential for our ring to stand out, a good polish is essential, and a rhodium plating for me is the best option. In the case of white gold, if we talk about quality it is unquestionable. And if our option has been a silver ring, with rhodium, its white will be more intense and radiant, in addition to protecting us against possible allergies.

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