The Tie Needle: Goodbye to Old Fashioned Tie Knots

red tieHow many times have you tried to make a tie knot and ended up with a tremendous mess? I think it has happened to all men on more than one occasion. More than 6000 monthly searches on Google for the phrase How to tie a tie knot, show that it is not a matter of sewing and singing.

The tie has survived to this day as one of the quintessential signs of elegance for men. At JewelrySecrets we think, How can we continue to claim the aesthetic value of the tie by facilitating its use?

How would you like if I present an innovative proposal, with which you can say goodbye to the knot of the tie?

Allow me a few minutes to introduce you to an awesome plugin that you are sure to love. It will save you time and headaches, while giving you a touch of elegance and distinction.

I’m talking about the tie needle.

The Onasys needle: Goodbye to old-fashioned tie knots

The tie needle is a small accessory for ties, which in a discreet and elegant way, allows us to update the elaborate tie knots. This accessory that is inserted into the tie in the place where the knot has always been, providing a surprising and innovative concept to the way ties have worn until now. The steps to your placement.

The more traditional tie knots have become completely obsolete, the Windsor knot, the American knot and the simple knots. The onasys needle has made any type of knot look dated now.

This totally exclusive accessory for men, not seen anywhere else in the world, is a very special detail that will most likely set trends in men’s fashion in the coming years.

These are the 7 most significant advantages that the tie needle offers us compared to traditional tie knots.

  1. The traditional concept of tie knots has completely disappeared. Reinvent the history of the tie and adapt its use to modern times.
  2. It is an ergonomic complement that does not bother to use it.
  3. The optical effect caused by the tie needle is sensational. From a distance it looks like you are wearing a traditional knot, but when we look closely, the surprise is revealed.
  4. Select and discreet detail to highlight your elegance
  5. When the Onasys Needle is inserted into the tie, even if it is made of silk, it does not spoil. For that we have taken care of all the details: material, thickness, etc.
  6. The Onasys Needle is a precious and original detail to give as a gift. Its preparation and presentation is very well cared for, so you can get out of the monotony of the usual gifts, and cause real emotion to whoever you give it to.
  7. We like diversity and quality, that’s why you have three models to choose from.

Now you have the opportunity to make a difference within a unique style, starting to use the Onasys Needle for a very special price, which includes free shipping. You can see all the info.

A hug and see you soon.

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