10 traits that tistinguish successful women

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Successful Women

Every woman has her own definition of success, but there are certain traits that most successful women share.

Much of my work and my jewelry creations are made for women who have achieved great things, enterprising women who bet on jewelry to enhance their beauty and build an external image that matches their personality.

By observing them, I have learned 10 things that successful women do differently. This article today is dedicated to them and to all the women who in some way want to leave their own significant mark on the world.

1. They are deeply passionate about what they do

The German philosopher Georg Wilhem Friedric already said it: “Nothing great has been done in the world without a great Passion.”

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If a woman or a man does not love what they do, they will not feel motivated enough to push their limits, to innovate and stand out professionally. But if you are passionate about your career, all effort and time invested will be a pleasure for you and not an obligation.

2. Successful women do not expect perfection in themselves or in the people around them

I have learned from those great women that it is a waste of time and energy to try to be “perfect”, that demand on any human being only leads to unhappiness. The successful women who have been my clients are aware that they cannot always do everything right.

Sometimes you can be more productive simply by accepting that you are not going to get everything done. It can be difficult to learn to set aside some goals and responsibilities, but without a doubt the effect of doing so is very liberating.

You can allow yourself to cross off goals from your list that are not realistic for you. Free yourself from the anxiety of unfulfilled expectations.

Judging yourself to be perceived as infallible will only cause you stress, affecting your emotional health. So, dear friend who now read to me, do not try to emulate Wonder Woman, and accept that sometimes things may not turn out perfect 🙂

3. Often they are their own bosses

Many successful women have found that if you are the boss, you can set your own rules. The successful women I know decide to be in control of their own lives, because they know that in this way they can create a healthier, happier and more balanced environment in their work.

4. They believe they will succeed

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Undoubtedly a trait that distinguishes women who achieve their goals is their self-confidence and faith in their dreams.

Believing in your own success, no matter how crazy your idea may seem, is the first step to achieving it. It is key that you feel comfortable about your own success and have strong confidence and belief in yourself.

5. Successful women are not afraid to take risks

You might ask yourself: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Taking a giant leap in life requires the ability to stop playing it safe from time to time. An enterprising woman I know has told me that she has incorporated the habit of pushing herself out of her comfort zone into her life.

Successful women do not make reckless decisions, but they know how to take a calculated risk, they know that to win it is necessary to risk.

6. They know that “failure” goes hand in hand with success

Failure is not the opposite of success, but a stepping stone to it. Women with personal and professional success know that you cannot excel at all times and that it is an inevitable part of the dream path, to have failures. Failure is a catalyst for change and leads them to empower the best version of themselves.

7. They take care of your health and your physique

Most of the successful women who wear my jewelry are women who, in addition to taking care of their elegance, take great care of their health and their bodies, eating healthy and exercising regularly. Not because they’re trying to be runway models or the slimmest woman of the year, but because they know that exercise relieves stress, releases endorphins, and increases energy.

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Practicing yoga, dancing belly dance or simply walking, are highly recommended exercises for you women.

8. They know how to foster genuine relationships

Having a support network is key to being successful. Maintaining friendships and forming new ones contributes to happiness and fostering genuine lifelong relationships.

Successful women take great care of their friendships and make sure to leave a positive mark on every new person they meet, so their clients and professional contacts are also their friends.

9. They give themselves some time

Successful women know that they need to schedule in their agenda a time reserved for them, a time to be alone and disconnect from meetings, family commitments and networking events.

It is a time that they give themselves. A few hours to relax, to get to know each other better, to meditate and enjoy themselves.

It may be a time that you give yourself for something you like, such as going to the gym, the theater, or getting a manicure, the important thing is that it be a time just yours.

10. Successful women express gratitude to everyone around them

Something that I love about the women that I admire is precisely this virtue of being eternally grateful. The most amazing women I know always recognize those who support them every day, both in their family life and in their work environment. And that quality not only makes them better people, but also promotes the loyalty and empathy of their employees.

Successful women tend to be very sociable, they awaken the confidence and fascination of all those whose lives they touch.

Now I’d like to hear from you! You can tell me if you feel identified with these characteristics of successful women and what other things you would add to this list.

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