3 interesting proposals for original wedding bands


Each ring has a meaning, but none as much as your wedding rings. This moment that you are about to seal requires a symbol at the height of the moment.

That is why it is so important for today’s bride and groom to exchange some original wedding bands and loaded with meaning. A secret between you, something that only those closest to you know, even a little private joke.

Some of you will have it clear. In that case, personalized wedding bands are the best option. It is about explaining what you want, and it is shaped until you have exactly what you were looking for.

Others have not decided yet. So I will try to help you with several proposals.

Proposal 1: Contemporary airs for original wedding bands

The style of wedding bands has changed a lot over time. And it is not necessary to refer to the remote past: just think of the classic half round wedding rings in yellow gold that we have seen in all families.

However, today we opt for much more varied, innovative designs. Deep down, there are no rules, except beauty and meaning.

Here are some proposals for alliances with a slightly wider width than usual:

In these models, the thickness of the ring is combined with the openwork spaces to give it solidity and lightness at the same time. Because a ring that you have to wear your whole life must be as resistant as it is comfortable to wear.

And they adapt to whatever your tastes are: yellow gold, white gold or silver, glossy or matte the surface, and the color range you can choose is determined by the rhodium plating , and the options are white, pink or black.

The openwork serves in addition to the aesthetic aspect, for setting the gems for the bride: zirconia, diamond, or whatever stone you want. The most daring can go for the black diamond, which contrasts magnificently with yellow gold.

Other proposals are based on the same concept, but with greater width and focusing attention on them with a single central stone.

And again, the play of colors with gold, silver, and bolder rhodium finishes (white, pink or black) make your wedding rings a unique piece.

Proposal 2: The bond between you

Marriage is the union of two parties, and wedding bands are the perfect place to symbolize that union, that bond.

That is why more and more alliances are beginning to be seen that play with that idea, such as:

Alliances with the fingerprint of the bride and groom

Proposal 3: Personalized wedding bands

But there are no more original wedding bands than personalized ones. I mean those pieces that come directly from your imagination.

Because of them there is no model, there is no copy. No other couple is going to share those pieces with you.

wedding bands

It may seem like a great leap into the void, that of imagining your perfect alliances, just like that. This has been told to me by some couples I have worked with, but it is very easy, seriously. Because you love each other, and therefore you know each other.

So I propose this game to you:

  • Sit down both of you before a blank piece of paper and write down those things that you love and that mean the most to you. That which makes you connect. Or what made you meet. No rush, this is a love game, just think of yourselves. And by the way, take the stress out of the preparations a bit.
  • Develop the idea and look for the symbol. The challenge is to “fit” in an alliance. It is about looking for what contains everything that connects you. Recently a couple commissioned me to have rings with a short phrase, a phrase from a very important book for them: half a phrase in her wedding ring, and the other half in his. It is just an example that you can transfer to what unites you.
  • Dare to imagine it… And draw it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at drawing, it’s about imagining your perfect piece. Think about your tastes, even the metals you want to use.

You will see that before what you thought you already have some ideas for your dream wedding bands. All that remains is to contact your jewelry designer (and if you don’t have one, it will be my pleasure to advise you) to help you realize the idea and shape it.

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