3 Keys to get out of the crisis in the jewelery sector

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We are already more than bored of hearing in the jewelery sector talk about crisis, but of course, we are seeing that things do not change. The months and years go by. And the matter remains the same or worse. We are waiting for something magical to happen and suddenly the jewelry industry will be like it was before. But these 3 keys that I am going to give you are essential to get out of the crisis.

And I can assure you that these 3 keys depend on you, things do not change by themselves. We have to change ourselves so that our surroundings change, don’t you think?

Albert Einstein once said “… Madness is always doing things the same way and expecting different results”.

About the jewelery sector we know more than anyone, but this phrase does not work, does it? That will have to be decided by you, what I have clear is that the situation will not change by itself. And I can assure you, that if we continue with our arms crossed for better times to come, we are lost.

First Key

Watch the market, don’t see it happen as it has been until now. Observe it with your eyes wide open, analyze it, ask yourself what you can contribute in a different way than others.

It is time for self-criticism, looking inside our companies. Know for sure which side we are on, whether to offer a product with value and different or to carry the same as the others and be the cheapest?

If we continue to work with the same mentality as years ago, nothing will change. Today’s needs are different from those of past years, therefore, if we do not reinvent our Objectives and Company Philosophy, we will continue the same as before.

Second Key

We have to know how we can help our clients. Listen to them, but really listen to them, good communication is essential to achieve success.

Understanding them is vital, we are all in the same “boat”, our objectives must be focused on meeting the needs of our customers.

Third Key

Create your own brand, why not? another year, despite the crisis in the jewelery sector, we have heard in the media again. The large jewelry firms exceed the sales of the previous year in… Does it sound like you?

Surely your clients have told you once “only brands are sold” and I no longer sell yours as before.

The road will undoubtedly be hard, but isn’t it harder to let time go by and see what happens? It is a long process, but with a good approach and a very precise study of who you are going to address, you can achieve it. Put yourself in the hands of professionals if you need help. But better than you, nobody knows your clients.

I give you some information that can help you understand this idea or concept. Signatures by all known as the American Tiffany was born in 1837 by Lewis Tiffany and John Young Shawls. The Italian Firm Bvlgari was created in 1884. Frédéric Boucheron creates his own Signature in 1893. The Dilancesa Firm Chaumet was created in 1780. Louis Dilançois Cartier did the same in 1847 , and many others like Chopard, Chanel, Piaget, etc, etc.

These great Masters were passionate about what they did, but one day they had a Dream, they enhanced their talents and little by little they were giving shape to it.

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It is time to dream big, said an anonymous phrase “… although no one can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start from now and make a new ending.”

Remember the 3 Keys to get out of the crisis in the Jewelry Sector: Observe, Help and Create.

Or are you on the side of selling the same as everyone else but cheaper?

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