4 Tips for choosing jewelry with personality

Jewelry with Personality

Jewelry with personality, like everything we wear, must be in line with our way of being, because this will make us feel comfortable and more sure of ourselves. Feeling good about what we carry makes us function optimally in any environment, with complete naturalness and absolute control over each of the steps we take.

It is important that when choosing clothes, shoes, handbags, briefcases, jewelry or any accessories that we use, we must take into consideration three fundamental aspects: our lifestyle, profession or trade and way of dressing. As secondary aspects we must take into account the following: people around us, our economic position, etc.

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Today’s woman is the number one muse of design artists who make jewelry. Thinking about his hectic life and full of responsibilities, he creates comfortable pieces, with a simple and sophisticated design line that can be worn on any occasion.

An event that got me thinking

Last month I received an email from a Cuban friend, she has a degree in Law, and she had to attend a International Event on Criminal Law. He told me that elegance was imposed, and since he knows that I am immersed in the world of jewelry, he asked me for some advice on what jewelry I could wear on the opening day where I had planned to wear a brown cotton suit. Of course my advice to her was taken well and used to the letter.

This event made me think about the jewels that women need and how I can guide them so that they know how to choose a jewel as unique as they are. That is why I created a guide that includes some basic tips that ladies should never lose sight of when choosing a jewel.

Four tips you shouldn’t forget

1. Take into account your lifestyle and way of dressing. If you are a very simple girl, in jeans, summer dresses and sandals, your jewelry must be of more contemporary, geometric and very youthful designs. If, on the other hand, you wear mega-elegant all the time, you will have to choose jewels that do not overshadow your dress, jewelery with pearls for the day, and at night it is worth wearing diamonds, sapphires or a striking ruby.

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2. If you want to buy a jewel with value you have to take into account not only the metal or metals that were used to make the jewel, the exclusivity of the design is very decisive, that is why hiring Specialized services of a jewelery designer must be an excellent option, so you can exchange with this artist who will personalize your jewelery, and he will be able to impregnate the jewel with your characteristics.

3. Use your imagination and create fantastic combinations when you wear your jewelry with your clothes and shoes, but remember that looking good does not mean wearing all your jewelry at the same time, but wearing the right jewelry on the occasion ideal. When you go to buy the piece, think with what garment in your wardrobe it would look good. To family gatherings and more informal events you have to bring a simpler piece of jewelry, let’s say the one you wear the most on a daily basis; the most exclusive ones you should show them in those most special or important moments.

4. If you are a serious and very conscientious woman, your jewelry must be sober, if on the contrary you are the fun one in the group of friends , very charismatic and striking pieces go with you.

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