6 Tips for buying jewelry online at Christmas

Internet shopping

December is near, and the race to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones begins.

At this time, jewelery orders are therefore increasing. And all of us who design and sell jewelry on the internet also notice this movement, because buying jewelry online has many advantages:

  • It allows you to look at all the models and all the options you want, without having to find a hole in your busy schedule to go shopping (and one store to another, that’s the worst).
  • It gives you the discretion that a good gift needs: if you go out at the wrong time you will have to find an excuse. If you are simply in front of the computer or mobile, you can be looking at anything.
  • You can have it sent wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • It is safe.

Safety when buying jewelry online

Let’s start from an idea that is key: buying online is safe.

Let’s leave behind the fears of the past. Currently, payment platforms use very secure encrypted systems, and a good online trade always offers you facilities in the modality, so that you can do it in the way that suits you or you trust.

That is, the medium (internet) is not insecure. It is a world, a reflection of the physical world outside the network. It is not immune to malice, which you can also find in a physical store. But neither one world nor the other is full of people who want to rip you off.

What you have to do is look at the small details to know if an electronic commerce is safe. And more if what you want to buy online is jewelry

  1. The first look. When you enter a website you receive an initial impression. Is that impression good? Does it seem like a professional site, capable of responding seriously to the importance of a financial transaction?
  2. Identification. You have to know who is on the other side of the screen. An identifiable company, a professional with a name and surname, someone tangible who can help, guide, provide service, and assist you in any eventuality. Internet is only a medium, but the deal is between people.
  3. The deal. Precisely this is key. Contact the store before buying something, ask, surely you have doubts: perhaps about the diameter of a ring, the type of finish that will be given to your jewel. Or some detail of a piece that you would like in another way. Or about the shipping method. Ask and attend to the professionalism of the answer. If you have a phone, call. Buying a jewel is not like buying slippers at home, and an online jeweler has to be able to offer the same personalized treatment as in a store.
  4. Professionalism. On the thread of slippers: a quality jewel requires a serious professional behind it. By knowledge of the materials, by knowledge of their design (because jewelry, in addition to being beautiful, must be functional and comfortable), by the ability to adapt to your needs… it is convenient to make sure that after the jewel brand you are going to buy there is a curriculum, some previous jobs.
  5. Testimonials. There is no better publicity than what others give you. An online business in operation must have had customers, and it is convenient for you to know what they think: either in external reviews, or in the testimonies offered by that business. This applies the same to a jewelry (even more so if possible), so check the opinion of other customers about that jewelry online where you think about buying a piece.
  6. Payment methods. The more options they give you, the better. From transfer to secure platforms such as PayPal, you have to be able to use the system that best suits you.

woman with a credit card

I hope these tips help you lose your fear of electronic commerce, because as you have already seen it has many advantages that you can take advantage of not only this Christmas, but at all times of the year.

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