7 Tips to make an original and unique gift

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Gifting is much more than simply the exchange of objects, it is a way of communicating and sending a message to the person who receives the gift. When you select a meaningful gift, it becomes a wish for the happiness of the other.

On any special occasion, finding the perfect gift that expresses how much you care about that person, you can become frustrating. The truth is that an original gift requires perception and creativity.  

With these 7 tips you will be ready to make an original and unique gift to that person you love so much.

1. Gift by observation

The number one rule of a personalized and unique gift is observation. Those skilled in the art of gift giving pay close attention to what their friends and loved ones say and what their interests and tastes are.

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Would you like something useful, something decorative or a gift that excites you?

They also understand the circumstances of the person to whom the gift will be given. People don’t always ask for what they want or don’t even realize what they need, but paying attention to what would make life easier for them, what they need to change or improve, or what would give them an unforgettable moment of happiness, you can always find the perfect gift for him or her.

2. Gift by personality

This is a type of gift that I love. It’s about looking for a present that fits the unique personality of its recipient. We are talking about a personalized gift that sends a message that says that you care about who he or she is, that you know and value their unique qualities, their own identity.

See if he is a person of a more rational or emotional nature, if he is intellectual, spiritual, adventurous, rebellious, loving, environmentalist , innovative, trendsetting.

Describe on a paper those unique personality traits, because they will give you ideas for original gifts that connect with their essence.

How could it be otherwise, my recommendation is an exclusive and personalized jewel. My years of experience have confirmed that it is an ideal gift that the person who receives it never forgets.

Why? Well, because exclusive and personalized jewels are unique pieces, no two are alike in the world . In it, a meaning, an emotion, a very personal touch is printed exclusively aimed at that person who will always carry it with them.

3. Gift for good luck

On some occasions, such as a housewarming party or a graduation party, you can think of a gift to wish him. to the person good luck and prosperity. You can think of symbols associated with good omens and good luck.

Good luck charms have been part of human tradition since time immemorial. Plants, stones and other elements are part of this cult without deities.

A horse shoe with seven holes is a classic good luck and protective charm. The stones also usually represent protective amulets such as: Agate, tiger’s eye or Aquamarine.

Wearing the stone associated with the zodiac sign is said to bring good luck, good health and prosperity. Jewelry with the zodiac stone is very special, since each gem has unique symbolic meanings and has different healing properties.

I have a client who commissioned me to make an exclusive and personalized jewel with an Imperial Topaz that her husband gave her.

Topaz is the stone of those born under the sign of Leo. This is a mineral that inspires patience, diplomacy, and tact with those around us. It is also said that it is very good to stimulate the power of invention and creativity.

4. A gift related to your hobbies and hobbies

The hobbies of the person you are gifting to can also guide you in the right direction when it comes to finding the gift perfect.


Do you like gardening? Are you a wine lover? Do you love art? The motorcycles?

Looking for a gift that shows how much you appreciate that unique aspect of them will be a sure bet.

5. Creative gifts made by you

These are very emotional gifts, especially meaningful because they show your loved one that you have used your time, energy and creativity to achieve something beautiful.

The possibilities are endless, you can draw inspiration from many sources. It occurs to me now: handwritten letters, poems, cakes that you bake yourself, an article of clothing you knit, or even a box full of beautiful phrases about your loved one and the memories you have shared together.

6. Adventure Gifts


An adventure gift, it can be anything you can think of: an experience in skydiving, or in a hot air balloon, or riding together. Once again it all depends on the recipient and what their interests are.

7. Give your time

Instead of giving a material thing, you can think of offering your time to help that person with something they need. It could be taking care of your children or your pets for one night so that you can have time for yourself, or helping you on your next home improvement project. If you have a special gift like giving good massages, give him a session of this very pleasant experience.


Give her your time to accompany her shopping or taking a walk, the possibilities are many.

Personalized and meaningful gifts are the best gifts

There are many options when it comes to gifts that show how much you care about a person. So to give a different gift, do not settle for something without that touch that will cause an unforgettable emotion in the recipient.

And the most important advice to master the art of gifting is: Whatever your gift, give it with all your love, with a beautiful smile and a warm hug.

Make the world a more loving place, give joy and affection. This offers physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits. Everyone will reap the benefits.

What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received or given? Are there any other tips you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

Greetings and see you soon.

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