A retirement gift you will never forget


The retirement. That vital moment so important, with that bittersweet point, in which you put aside (in part or completely) your work life.

The moment of retirement demands a good farewell. A gift, a detail that symbolizes not only the effort and dedication of that person to a company or profession, but also the affection of his colleagues or family.

What I am going to leave you here are some proposals for a retirement gift that you will never forget.

Personalized Retirement Jewelry


The keys so that a retirement gift is not forgotten, and reaches the heart, are two:

  • Make it valuable.
  • Make it personalized.

Both things reflect the appreciation you feel for that person: when you give someone an object of value, specifically for him or her, that person feels loved, valued. That’s why a personalized jewelery is the best solution for retirement gifts.

To start with, you have a good range of different pieces for men or women:

For her:

  • Commemorative pendants.
  • Brooches.
  • Keychains.

For him:

  • Shirt cufflinks.
  • Keychains.
  • Badges.

Then you can choose the materials in which you want to make the piece, depending on tastes and budgets: gold, silver, some type of gem… And finally, there is the customization.

We can do anything you can imagine

To honor its most emblematic employees after 25 years in the company, an agrarian cooperative commissioned us these gold badges with the logo of said cooperative.

On other occasions, it is the same family members who order a keychain or personalized cufflinks for that person’s retirement.

All of them are unrepeatable. Yours will be too.

Because at JewelrySecrets we don’t start from previous models, we create exactly what you ask of us.

And if you only know that you want a special gift, but you are not sure how it should be, we will also help you in that. We sketch and create cufflinks, pendants, brooches or badges designs that match the recipient’s personality.

We include any motive, drawing or inscription you want: from a company logo to a profession icon, or even something simple and sober with an inscription… There are no rules, except the affection that you show towards that person.

How to get to a heart

The process to get an unforgettable retirement gift is easier than you think:

  • You tell us what you want, and we make suggestions and prepare a budget without obligation.
  • As soon as you approve, we create the virtual models with you, and you can view and modify them whatever you want. We will make changes and fixes to the 3D model until you say: “Perfect!”.
  • We create the prototype and manufacture it.
  • We work and give all the finishes to the piece, showing it to you and making sure that it does not have the slightest defect or problem.
  • We take care of the shipping costs, and you will receive it at the address you indicate.

And then you only have to deliver the gift, and wait for the tears to rise to their eyes. It is practically unavoidable. Because with a personalized jewel, you will always reach the heart of a person on the emotional day of their retirement.

Give it the homage it deserves!

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