Basic rules for tastefully combining clothing and jewelry colors

As a visual artist, one of the most fascinating subjects of my artistic adventures is the use of color. In my article today I would like to share with you some rules for combining colors of clothing and jewelry.

The combination of colors in clothing and jewelry is a vital part of your fashion sense. It therefore extends to the use of jewelry and accessories. You will notice that people who have a fabulous style to dress are often aware of fashion trends in terms of colors: in which seasons to dress in red tones or when in green tones, etc. Fashion is a lot about colors and how to combine those colors with accessories, to cause the best possible effect.

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Women’s jewelry comes in different colors and of course in different materials. But not all colors are complemented by any type of jewel. If we put aside casual clothing and discuss only more formal and elegant clothing, then the issue of color becomes paramount.

Basic rules for combining colors of clothing and jewelry with good taste

  • Black, white, gray and beige combine with everything and each other. The red colors, the blues, the range of pinks and lilacs with the jewels that best harmonize are with white metals such as silver, white gold or platinum.
  • Earth colors and the whole range of warm colors. Like olive green, orange, brown, yellow, they work best with gold metals like gold or bronze.
  • If you combine cold with cold, warm with warm and neutral with neutral you will obtain very elegant combinations that will provide you with a harmonious appearance.

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  • Blue and green. The most fashionable jewelry for blue and green colors would be pearl jewelry. You can easily wear a pearl necklace or pendant with suits of blue or green tones and your style will be sophisticated without hesitation. With light green and navy blue, pearl will be your best bet.
  • Red. As we know it is a striking color but easy to combine with modern jewelry. Rubies for me, with white gold they get their perfect combination. And for an important event, celebration or special dinner, with an elegant evening dress in dark tones, you will undoubtedly become the center of attention.
  • Black is a neutral color, in terms of fashion color trends, it is characterized by its elegance. Dark-hued clothes make up the bulk of our wardrobe today, with which she uses fashion jewelry in a wide variety of colors. You can wear a multi-colored bracelet with a black dress. If you can afford it, the diamonds with a black dress, you will look impressive.

When you see a color combination that grabs you, try to remember it for future occasions. Use the colors you see around you, there are wonderful color combinations everywhere, especially in nature.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Color matching is like exercising your muscles, the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more you will like to play with them. Every moment of your day gives you the possibility to practice your skills with the colors that best match, from choosing the outfit that you will wear in the morning to go to the office, to realizing the interesting color compositions of the objects that you surround.

Greetings and see you soon.

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