Beauty Tips for Summer – I

What a wonderful summer! Really, friends, very hot and everything you want, but summer is one of the best times of the year. So much light, so much life, that you even have the spirit in another way.


And you like to show off, and show off. And you do very well, so I want to share with you a few beauty tips for the summer. Details so obvious that they are often overlooked, things that you may not have fallen into, and you may even not know a trick yet.

First thing: hydration

This is the base. In summer your body, by perspiring more, dehydrates more than the rest of the year, and that shows on the inside, but also on the outside. You must keep three things in mind:

  • Always carry water with you, or take the opportunity to buy at a cafeteria or beach bar. Or have an iced tea, which refreshes the engine like few drinks. In general, you have to think about hydrating and drinking more water than you normally drink. This is not even a beauty issue, it is health.
  • Use moisturizer to make your skin look shiny and smooth. Even if you are not used to it. At least at night, after the punishment that a day of sun, breeze, salt and sand supposes for the skin. And optimal if you also do it in the morning, or just when you get out of the shower. Think that in summer you look more skin than ever, so that’s the first thing you have to take care of!
  • Don’t forget your lips! In summer, and especially if you have an intense rhythm of sun and beach, your lips can become dry and chapped. So if you want to enjoy summer kisses, or show off your flawless lips, make sure you always wear lip moisturizer.

bottles of water

The second: the sun

You are going to sunbathe. A lot or a little, but you’re going to take it. Because you love seeing yourself in summer with brown skin, you like the contrast with the bikini, and you like how it combines with your hair and your jewelry.

It is also very good for your skin and your body: it helps to fix calcium, and it helps to synthesize vitamin D. But in just the right measure. An excess of sun does not help anything:

  • Accelerates the aging of skin cells.
  • Without adequate protection, it dries it first and then burns it.
  • The result is more marked wrinkles, or different spots on the skin, or even much more serious problems.

solar protection

How to enjoy and be beautiful in the sun, avoiding these problems? Well, the base is obvious: hydration and protection . We have talked about the first one before. Of the protection we do it now, because for it to be effective you must take into account several details:

  • You must use a sunscreen with the right factor for your skin.
  • Many women do small sessions of 10 or 20 minutes during May and June, on good days, to get used to the body and take color. Another option is to take walks along the seashore, first thing in the morning, or in the afternoon, when the sun is less biting.
  • If you have not been able to do any of this, and you start sunbathing during the holidays, be very careful with the Dilanja between 11 and 18 hours, because that is when the sun burns the most, and surely your skin will need more protection.
  • If you are alone, don’t fall asleep . I do not know anyone who has fallen asleep on the beach and has not finished redder than the shirt of the Spanish National Team. It is the perfect recipe to spoil your summer, so use whatever trick it is: someone to notify you, an alarm on your mobile.
  • Don’t forget the lips: they also get all the sun, but they are almost never protective. And today there are sunscreen lip balms, so protect them!
  • Don’t forget the other “forgotten corners“: the ears, the neckline… The sun also touches there, but sometimes they are forgotten, with visible results. Like not being able to show off the generous bust you were looking for, or wear your new summer earrings with red ears.

And now that you have the base (the water and the sun), we can continue with everything else. We will do it in the next article, where I will tell you about how to show off your legs, your jewelry and accessories with well-hydrated, brown skin.

Have you already started to enjoy summer? Or are you still counting the days? Do you have a particular trick that works for you year after year? Well, do not hesitate to share it here, surely many people are interested!

Until next week! a hug!

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